Rent or Buy Shipping Containers in Oshawa
Secure Container Solutions (SCS) has been providing container options for residential and commercial clients in the Oshawa area for over 10 years. More than just a shipping container supplier, we offer green solutions for many storage problems including those looking to store garden tools, business inventory items, off-season items, equipment or supplies and much more. Our containers are also ideal for the creative soul looking for a unique backdrop, mural, welcome sign or an original decorative idea.

We also fit into a green lifestyle by offering a distinctive option for landscaping. SCS containers can do double duty as a storage option that can also have green roofs or garden spaces on the top. Alternatively, you could also install solar panels to provide your home with environmentally friendly energy options.

Is SCS right for you?

Customers are often not sure if shipping containers are the right option for their needs. Here are some questions to ask when considering if SCS can help you:

  1. What space do you have?

    Before you can decide what size of container you need, you will need to know the size of the space you have. It is also important to understand the needs of a delivery truck. For example, if you request a 40 ft. container, the truck will need 100 ft clearance to bring the container inside the property. This means the area will have to be free of gates, trees and other obstructions so that the truck has enough room for wide turns.

  2. Are there any accessibility problems for delivery trucks

    Delivery trucks also need substantial overhead clearance, so they don’t cause damage to the container. Most trucks will need at least 14 ft overhead clearance to drive through and may even need more when they tip the container into place. When you are selecting a site for your container, find one that doesn’t have any dangling tree limbs or overhead power lines that could cause a problem.

  3. What is the route like?

    As you pick the site for your container, keep in mind that delivery trucks need a strong surface to drive through. They often struggle to drive on grass or mud. This is why drivers will refuse to deliver if the route is unsafe.

  4. Will the container be safe at the site?

    Look over the site you have planned for your container. Consider issues that the container weight could cause. If the ground is slanted or uneven it could cause a safety issue.

Green Storage Containers

We have a variety of containers and products. Our storage solutions provide you with a full system eliminating the need for any additional materials or structures. Our containers are green solutions because of the energy they conserve.

For clients who need modifications to their containers, we provide eco-friendly options such as sound barriers to reduce the noise in residential areas. These are done through partnerships with companies like Magna International. Their options have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional concrete sound barriers.

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly container storage solution, call SCS today at 416-817-3216 or contact us here.