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How Storage Containers Are Being Repurposed for Schools

How storage containers are being repurposed for schools

In recent years, there has been considerable growth in the popularity of using repurposed storage containers to create residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. The versatility, affordability, portability, and durability of these steel boxes make them the perfect raw material for different construction projects, including building schools. With the constant expansion of colleges that has pushed […]

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12 Uses For Your 40-foot Sea Can Container

Uses of sea can containers

Sea can containers are probably better known as shipping containers or storage containers. Sea cans have become an interesting resource suitable for a long list of uses. Ideal for both commercial and residential customers, this versatile storage option serves both traditional and innovative purposes. Their size, durability, and security, in hand with their edgy industrial […]

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How Shipping Container Architecture Has Evolved Over the Years

Evolution of shipping container architecture

The shipping container has not only revolutionized the cargo shipping industry, but has also transformed modern architecture across the globe. Shipping container architecture refers to an architectural style that uses shipping containers as the primary structural component for building modular structures for residential and commercial buildings.  These designs are inspired by: Quality prefab The concept […]

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