Shipping Containers Oshawa

With over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, SCS is one of the top companies dealing with the sale, rental, and modification of sea containers in Oshawa and Ontario. ISO shipping containers provide green storage solutions in their standard form, but with simple modifications, these steel boxes can be converted into usable living space, a mobile bar or restaurant, or any other standalone structure.

Portable, Secure, and Rugged

Today, millions of sea cans are used to ferry goods across the world. Some of the larger ships can carry as many as 20,000 containers. Consequently, terminals typically handle thousands of storage containers every day.

Whether transported by ship, truck, rail, or barge, containers are easy to handle and can withstand abuse. They come in a wide range of sizes to ferry cargo and goods, including oversized cargo and liquids.

We understand the ever-changing demands of the transport industry. That is why SCS endeavours to provide our logistics and supply chain clients in Oshawa with sea containers that meet all safety standards (CSC) and international standards (ISO), so you are always compliant.

General Site Suitability

Our professional and experienced team in Oshawa will help you find the right container for your needs at the best rate possible, and even coordinate the delivery to your site. Site selection and accessibility is important for ensuring the smooth delivery of your unit.

We recommend that you choose a site that is reasonably flat, easy to access, has firm ground, and provides enough space for the truck to turn when dropping off your sea can. Please inform your sales rep of the general site conditions and any challenges the driver might encounter, such as:

  • Overhead wires
  • Soft ground, snow, or mud
  • Narrow, steep, or winding roads
  • Major road construction
  • Slopes and ditches
  • Obstacles such as walls, trees, poles, and fences

Providing this information will help the logistics team to select the right type of truck, prepare the driver for potential challenges ahead, and help make an accurate estimate of the delivery time so that you know when to expect your sea can. If the site or access conditions change substantially, or if there is no one available to direct the driver, please inform your rep in Oshawa before the delivery day so it can be rescheduled.

With years in the industry, we are fully prepared for the possible hardships of a delivery. There’s no site that we can’t get to, provided you inform us of the conditions. You should also keep in mind that we have different delivery rates depending on different factors, including the location and ease of access.

The Green Storage Company

The humble steel storage containers in which cargo is shipped, trained, and trucked around the globe is rapidly emerging as a competitive building technology that promises to not only become far more eco-friendly, but also substantially less expensive than heavy concrete construction.

With years of experience in the sea can and shipping container sales, rental, and modification business, we provide our Oshawa clients with hassle free service. We will strive to meet your exact container needs in the best way possible.