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5 Creative Ways to Reuse Sea Cans

5 creative ways to reuse sea cans

In recent years, sea cans—also known as shipping containers—have started taking on a new life. They are no longer restricted to only safely transporting and storing cargo but can be also used to build everyday structures. Providing affordable, insulated, and weather-resistant solutions for your next creative project, the possibilities for sea cans are basically endless. […]

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Decluttering

5 unexpected benefits of decluttering

Many people reserve organizing their home for special occasions, big moves or the occasional "spring cleaning." That said, there are many benefits to organizing your space and removing any unnecessary items at any time.  Rental storage containers in Toronto provide an excellent solution for storing personal belongings and helping you take control of your clutter. […]

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Shipping Containers for Sale: 6 Tips for Preventing Rust in Your Container

Shipping containers for sale: 6 tips for preventing rust in your container

Even the highest quality shipping container materials are susceptible to rust over time. While most steel used in shipping containers are corrosion resistant—designed to help slow the development of rust—they cannot eliminate corrosion completely. When a shipping container is exposed to excessive moisture or wetness, the oxide layer gets destroyed, the materials begin to break […]

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