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Shipping Container Pool Design Ideas

Shipping container swimming pools are an offbeat way to add a splash of design and a whole lot of fun to your backyard. They’re a space-economical way to add an above-ground pool to your yard, and are oftentimes cheaper than traditional pools.

Container pool ideas

Best of all, they look amazing. Shipping container pools can be modified and designed to meet your exact specifications. With their endless customization possibilities, it’s no surprise they’ve become a sweeping trend in the event planning, hospitality and real estate industries. There’s nothing quite like the look of a shipping container swimming pool, making them the perfect focal point to gather around at a celebration.

Don’t believe that a humble shipping container could make a totally vogue swimming pool? Here are some design examples to get you inspired for your own backyard:

1) Haute Couture Containers

party pools

The success of Tommy Hilfiger proves that it’s completely possible to combine eco-friendly material sourcing with an enviable aesthetic. Their popup event in Berlin featured this clear sided container swimming pool, giving partygoers a cool oasis to slip into to beat the heat while providing a cheeky view of some long legs. The brand incorporated shipping containers into the setup of their whole event, making a statement of industrial, urban fashion being one with the city itself.

2) Infinity Shipping Container Pool

transparent pool

Want the gorgeous, drop-off design of an infinity pool without having to go on vacation to a luxury resort? This amazing shipping container pool gives the illusion of an infinity pool, overlooking the rest of the yard. It even features a glass side, allowing swimmers to see out into the backyard if they dare open their eyes under water. How many regular swimming pools give such a panoramic view? This swimming pool is also minimally destructive of the yard, allowing natural foliage to grow alongside it.

3) Total Seclusion Shipping Container Pool

pool on pillers

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all and be alone with your thoughts in the clear blue water. Sounds like a welcome reprieve from daily life, albeit a bit unrealistic. With this shipping container pool, you can feel like a person alone in your own little bit of paradise.

This pool takes advantage of a shipping container’s rectangular shape in a unique way, extending straight off a wood-panelled deck. It sits atop pillared supports, basically suspending the pool in mid-air. This is not only an ingenuitive way to deal with the sloping terrain, it gives the swimmer a breathtaking view of the surrounding treetops and skyline. What we wouldn’t give for a backyard like this.

4) Spa Shipping Container Pool

backyard pool

Just looking at this swimming pool, you’d have no idea it’s made from a shipping container. The wood paneling all around it looks like something out of a bathhouse spa, no doubt feeling great underfoot in the summertime. This pool doesn’t play off the unique aesthetic inherent in shipping containers, instead opting for a more traditional pool look. The inside has been modified to show the pale blue characteristics of luxury swimming pools. This goes to show the versatility of shipping containers. Your imagination is truly the limit.

How to Make Your Own Shipping Container Pool

Shipping container pools are a great project for the handily-inclined, but they do require tools and resources of a professional grade. You’ll need to obtain a permit before you begin construction. While it might be your yard, there are still municipal by-laws that dictate how you modify your property. Find out your city’s rules so you don’t have to radically change the game plan partway through.

It takes a structural engineer to lay out the plans for reconfiguring a shipping container pool to hold a large volume of water. Water is extremely heavy and you want to be sure your shipping container is reinforced enough that it can support its weight, lest there be a backyard tsunami when the pool breaks down.

You can prevent Atlantis from happening on your property by ensuring the shipping container is properly reinforced. While containers are impermeable from the outside, from the inside it’s a different story. A popular method of reinforcement is adding an additional layer of steel in the interior and ensuring all welding on the container is absolutely watertight.

After that, you’ll need to add pumps, filters and drains to your pool so you can keep the water inside fresh and hygienic. Contract a pool company to do this. It may cost a bit more than doing it yourself, but you’ll still save plenty of money over the cost of installing a completely new in-ground or above-ground pool. Plus, you’ll have endless design possibilities if you look at shipping containers from the right perspective.

The above design inspirations for shipping container pools hopefully have your mind racing with possibilities for your own backyard. Shipping container pools are space efficient, economical to install and give you the rare opportunity to customize the look and function of your pool to exactly what you want. You’ll enjoy the bespoke space of peace and tranquility to escape to, and your guests will absolutely fawn over your wildly creative swimming pool setup.

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