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Innovative Applications and Facts About Shipping Containers in 2020

The world is changing with eco challenges putting pressure on the industry to become more energy-efficient. Finding sustainable solutions that won’t contribute to greenhouse gases has led to the desire to reduce carbon footprints. As major players in the shipping container business, we are keenly aware of how shipping containers can be adapted for many uses. As a result, we have expanded our shipping container products and services to help find new ways to provide eco-friendly solutions to reduce waste and contribute greatly to eco challenges, such as reduced greenspace, construction related pollution and finding new ways to help house people and businesses around the world.

Sturdy Steel Construction

Shipping containers offer a unique opportunity to help save the planet. Because they are made of 16-gauge Corten steel, they are highly durable and of sturdy construction. Their rectangular shape and size make them suitable for several uses, including providing a new way to construct buildings using a modular architectural design.

Shipping Container Architectural Trends

Modern design in architecture looks at futuristic uses of new materials with a focus on creating unique structures that are simple, functional and eco-friendly. The green building is growing in popularity, with builders from homes to high-rises embracing green materials and energy-efficient models to suit the needs of changing views of what is required for comfortable living and workspace.

Shipping container architectural trends are changing not only the skylines of cities and suburban neighbourhoods, but also the way companies and homeowners can find an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional construction. There is an endless list of possibilities for using shipping containers in people-friendly structures including:

Shipping Container Trends & Facts Infographic-2020

Home Sweet Home

Cargo containers are also being used to build spacious and luxurious homes for the tiny house enthusiast. They are also excellent for those who want new housing options other than the cookie cutter homes of the suburbs. People can buy land and build their homes using cargo containers as an affordable base. Living in storage containers is easy as they can be insulated and used as a single room, a design feature within a modern home, in a collection of container rooms or as a solitary tiny home structure.

Homeowners can consider their needs to discover ways they can use shipping containers. The structure can easily be adapted with upgrades from insulation to windows and doors. There are a number of container dimensions available that can be set on a foundation ready for your home installation. A builder can set your foundation, which should be inspected before your container is placed. You can look at the exterior design and add architectural details, including a customized door, windows, and sliding glass doors leading to your outdoor space. The second floor or rooftop decks and patios can also be added. Your walls are installed to suit your layout, or you can opt for an open concept. You can also connect containers to create separate spaces for your home. Your home must be up to code for all electrical and plumbing as well as heating before you move in.

The benefits of using shipping containers for your custom projects include:

If you would like more information on the opportunities of container repurposing, speak to the team at Secure Containers.