Industrial Containers Services

Sustainability is the core of our business

Repurposing shipping containers is grass roots recycling, and we excel at it.

Across the world, almost 56% of all shipping containers are sitting idle in stock yards or being repositioned empty – which requires vast amounts of energy use in the form of crane operators and container transport. And every year, hundreds of thousands of shipping containers are diverted to scrap yards. Since the amount of energy required to melt and repurpose the steel they are composed of is much greater than re-purposing them for another life – re-using ISO shipping containers for a variety of applications is the most sustainable and environmentally conscious approach one can take.

At Secure Container Solutions we are leading the industry with environmental stewardship and responsibility by helping divert thousands of shipping containers every year from scrap yards and stock yards, helping off-set their initial energy cost as well as the energy cost needed to simply smelt them. Our focus on sustainability and low environmental impact extends to the processes we use in modifying our containers – down to the eco friendly paint that is used on all of our container painting (Eco Boxcoat by Hempel Marine).

Secure Container Green Initiatives

The wide range of use and application solutions we provide also offset the need for new materials and structures to be created – expanding our impact on energy use. For example, by building sound barriers with such partners as Magna International for noise reduction applications in residential uses, we are completely eliminating the need for traditional concrete sound barrier structures – with concrete being one of the most energy using and waste producing materials in the world.

Additionally, we are also providing containers to the electronics recycling industry for secure and convenient collection points of e-waste – which contain some of the world’s most toxic substance. Large partner companies such as Global Electric Electronic Processing and Complete Electronic Recycling Services have tasked Secure Storage Containers with providing logistics and equipment for collection points throughout Ontario.

Proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste has an immensely positive impact on the environment, and we at Secure Storage Solutions are proud to be helping divert over 12 million pounds of electronic waste away from our landfills and our soil every year.