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Should You Rent Or Buy A Shipping Container?

Should You Rent Or Buy A Shipping Container?

Shipping containers offer many benefits. No matter what you need them for, you are guaranteed to have ample space for storage. Many people feel that buying the container outright is the best option, while others feel that renting is the way to go. If you’re unsure of what to do, there are four questions you can ask yourself that will help determine if buying or renting is the right choice for you.

  1. Where is the shipping container going? Is it going overseas?  A job site? Am I keeping it in my backyard? The location of your container will help guide you towards renting or buying. If you are planning on housing the container on your property, buying it may prove more cost-effective because you can repurpose it when you’re done. Also, a truck will need to bring the container to your location unless you have a heavy-duty vehicle of your own to transport it. Keep that in mind when you factor in the costs of renting vs. buying.

  2. What am I storing in the container? If you are storing construction equipment, it may be more beneficial to buy the container so that you can bring it to job sites as needed without having to rent one each time. Or if you are planning on storing your furniture for a few months while your home is being renovated, then renting is your best bet. As aforementioned, you can repurpose the container if you do choose to buy it, which may also help you make your decision.

  3. How long will I need the shipping container? If you only need the container for 48 hours or less, renting is the better option. If you need the container for longer, then move on to the next question.

  4. How much will it cost me to buy the container and is that cost worth it? Now it’s time to put your math skills to good use. If you are looking for a container for short-term use, then the cost of buying it will be much greater than that of renting. However, if you are planning on using the container for a long period of time, then buying it makes more sense since you will have to pay monthly rent on it anyway.

Please contact us for more information about our shipping containers for purchase or rental. Whether you are looking to use the container for commercial or residential storage, we have the container that suits your exact needs.

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