Rental Storage Containers

Rent a Shipping Container for a minimum of 6 months and receive 50% off of your first month!


Secure Container Solutions offers high security shipping container storage solutions for both commercial and residential clients. Our shipping container units are clean, painted, and well maintained – with a high security lockbox to protect your assets. We deliver our secure shipping container units to the convenient location of your choice, where you can store it for the duration of your rental period.

Container Rental Services

Patented easy locking single handle design

Industrial Containers Services

Clean neutral colour new SCS rental units

Steel Storage Container

No loud or large logos, blends in with surrounding environment

Custom Shipping Containers

SCS High Security Steel Lockbox included to protect your valuables


Choose Secure Container Solutions as Your Shipping Container Rental Provider:

  • Hassle free delivery to your door – we come to you!
  • Easy, convenient ground level access to your unit at all time
  • No need to drive off-site to access your valuable belongings
  • Your items are protected with our high security lockbox
  • Our secure containers and storage bins are built to protect your items from weather

Shipping Container & Storage Bin Rentals Are Perfect For:

  • Household item storage during renovations, staging or moving
  • Excess commercial supplies, inventory or office records
  • Farming or agricultural equipment or supplies
  • Landscaping equipment, tools and supplies
  • Oil rig and mining equipment
  • Automotive parts, tools and shipping boxes
  • Construction materials, tools, supplies, equipment, and valuables to store during projects
  • Hospitality furniture, tools, machinery, special events and equipment
  • Retail seasonal or promotional fixtures or items
  • Emergency preparedness equipment, tools or materials for disasters