20ft Steel Shipping Container

If you’re looking for a portable container that you can customize to your needs, SCS has you covered. Our 20ft storage container options are perfect for housing everything from equipment to documents to auto parts.

At Secure Container Solutions, our on-staff modification team can transform any 20ft shipping container into anything including mobile offices, vendor kiosks and medical equipment storage spaces. Whether you want to house important employee records and documents or agricultural equipment, we have the 20ft container solution for you.

20ft Storage Container Modifications

SCS is known for our creative storage container solutions. Our designers and container engineers are adept at taking any 20ft storage container and turning it into exactly what you want. Because our containers are portable and secure, they create the perfect platform for any usage. Our team will meet your project criteria and ensure that the vision for your 20ft shipping container is being met.

We have worked with large and small businesses, government agencies and residential clients to transform our units into workshops, laboratories, construction offices, classrooms, churches, generator and pump enclosures, training complexes for police and firefighters, electrical control rooms, and water treatment pens. Our containers are also ideal for storing emergency preparedness materials, furniture, tools, seasonal and promotional items, and electronic or paper documents.

Our 20ft Shipping Containers – Clean, Secure, and Durable

Our units are protected with a high security lockbox. They’re also protected against the weather and are built to stand up to rain, snow, cold and heat. Each 20ft storage container is clean, painted and well maintained and we will deliver directly to your location. You do not need to travel off-site to access your unit and each is equipped with ground-level entry. There’s no need to buy a ladder or stairs to go alongside your unit and you can keep it at your location for as long as needed.

Our 20ft shipping containers can be rented for short or long-term use. Units are also available for purchase. Depending on your project, buying could end up being the more affordable option, especially if you were thinking of renting a storage unit anywhere else besides SCS.

The Cost-effective Choice

At Secure Container Solutions we like to help our customers make the cost-effective choice. By offering solid steel ISO shipping containers to rent or own, we are making that choice even easier. Our 20ft storage container options are environmentally friendly and economical. In the time it takes to you build an extension to an existing building or shed, we’ll have created multiple new units from scratch. Our units are made quickly, efficiently, and with a professional eye to detail.

Our units can also be turned into liveable housing or cottages allowing you to create the perfect home-away-from-home without spending a fortune.

Contact us for a free no-obligation estimate. Our hassle-free delivery is available across the country so whatever you need your 20ft storage container for and wherever you live, we’ll get it to you exactly the way you want it.