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Custom Shipping Container Modifications

Custom Container Modifications

Shipping Container Modification and Design

ISO containers provide the perfect template for a portable, rugged and secure multi-use enclosure solution. Whether it’s turning a container into liveable space, a custom shelter or an industrial structure, solid steel containers offer a highly flexible platform for any of your projects or needs.

By using an ISO shipping container for your residential, industrial or office need, you are taking advantage of an environmentally friendly and economic platform. Our units can be built in half of the time of conventionally constructed buildings and offer many other advantages.

Our modification team is ready to provide consultation to make sure our solution will meet your project criteria in the most cost-effective way.

Steel Shipping Container Modification

Custom store made from two 40’HC shipping containers

Custom Cargo Containers

Grocery and package pickup centre with extra-large windows

Cargo Container Modification

Installed in a parking lot and can be moved at any time

Shipping Container Sales And Services

Interior work station

Custom made modular washroom

Custom made modular washroom

Storage Container Rental Services

Custom walk in freezer and cooler room

Container Modifications

20’ fully finished job site office container

Shipping Containers

15’ x 9’ custom made enclosure - fully welded construction

Container Rental Services

Self Storage Units: 3 x 6’ roll up doors

Shipping Container Sales

Self Storage Unit – 4 x 7’ roll up doors

Container Customization

Container Self Storage Facility – Fully planned an executed by SCS

Custom Shipping Containers

40’ Double scale house office unit

Custom Shipping Containers For Sale

Office container 40’ with original barn doors

Industrial Containers Services

Interior wood finish option with insulation

Rental Storage Containers

Interior of 40’ scale house unit

Sea Container Services

Custom window installed in original container barn doors

Shipping Containers Sizes

20’ custom job site office

Steel Storage Container

Extra large custom windows and custom exterior lighting

20ft Steel Shipping Container

20foot scale house unit interior

10ft Shipping Containers

10 foot custom electrical enclosure

10' Steel Storage Container

10’ electrical enclosure interior

Container Customization Services

Multiple unit compressor enclosure connected to plant

10' Storage Container

10’ with roll up door

40' Steel Shipping Container

40’ with custom size roll up doors


We offer a wide range of standard container designs ready for delivery to our clients


We specialize in the design and manufacturing of custom steel enclosures and turnkey packages.


Our rugged and cost-effective building blocks for structures can be customized to fit an endless number of training environments.


Custom Shipping Container Services
Storage Container Rental Services

With SCS Container Modifications, The Possibilities are Endless:

  • Workshops
  • Laboratories
  • Mini-Storage Units
  • Tool Cribs and Storage
  • Livable Housing or Cottages
  • Water Treatment Enclosures
  • Generator and Pump Enclosures
  • Offices
  • Tire Storage Units
  • Fire Training Complexes
  • Specialized Police Unit Training Complexes
  • Portable Power and Communications System (PPCS)
  • Electrical Control Rooms
  • Vendor Kiosks
  • Exhibit Units
  • Military Applications


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