40ft Shipping Containers

At Secure Container Solutions, we stock every size and type of container available in the industry, including 40ft high cube shipping containers.

No matter if you need our 40ft shipping container for a residential or commercial project, our units can be customized to suit exactly what you want. No project is too big or too small when it comes to our storage solutions!

Secure 40ft High Cube Shipping Containers

ISO containers are ideal for any storage or project. Our portable, rugged and secure multi-use 40ft high cube shipping containers can be transformed to suit your project. We have designers and container engineers on staff who can turn your unit into everything from a mobile office for your construction site to a document storage facility for important employee records.

SCS’s modification team has worked with businesses, retailers, utilities and government staff to change our containers into training facilities, vendor kiosks, workshops, laboratories, electrical control rooms, classrooms and water treatment enclosures. Whether you’re looking for a 40ft storage container for military applications or to store auto parts, you will get exactly the unit you want customized to your needs.

The Optimal Storage Option

Our 40ft storage containers are ideal for those who need extra space to keep their valuables. We create cost-effective storage solutions that are not only useful, they’re the environmentally friendly option too. SCS’s 40ft shipping containers can be built in half the time of a new building’s construction, saving man-hours, money and space. Instead of adding an entire guest house to your property, try one of our converted units. We can make cottages and guest homes because our solid steel containers can be turned into liveable spaces.

Furthermore, instead of renting a storage locker to keep seasonal promotional items for your retail business, our containers are economical and easily accessible. Our units can house anything from heavy items such as furniture, agricultural equipment and generators. There is no limit to what you can do with your storage container and we’ll see to it that your vision becomes a reality.

Residential and Commercial 40ft Shipping Containers

We provide high security container storage solutions for our residential and commercial clients. Our units are well maintained, clean and safe. Each 40ft shipping container comes with a high security lock box that protects your items. Moreover, each unit is designed to stand up to inclement weather ensuring that no matter what’s going on outside, your assets are dry inside.

We offer hassle-free delivery so you’ll never have to go off-site to access your container. If you’re renting, you can store your unit on your property for the duration of the rental period. Each of our 40ft high cube shipping containers offer ground level access for convenience and you’ll never need stairs or steps to get inside.

Contact us to receive a free, no obligation estimate. When you use one of SCS’s 40ft high cube shipping containers to store your belongings, you are making the secure choice.