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The capital of Alberta, Edmonton is a hub for businesses of all sizes with a metropolitan area population of over 1,300,000 people. If you run a business and need more space, or are looking for extra storage for your home, we can help. Sea cans are easy to repurpose for your home or business and here at Secure Container Solutions, we have excellent options. Our sea cans are in great shape, they can be used for many different purposes and we offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate your needs.

New And Used Containers

At Secure Container we provide our clients with new and used sea cans that come with upgraded features. Each container has its own high security lock box with a value of $150 to protect your valuables. Moreover, our containers are made with a specialized steel, designed to weather the elements and resist corrosion and rust. Corten Steel is made of alloys like silicon, nickel, copper and chromium to make a stronger, more durable container compared to others available on the market. Our cans feature eight vents, instead of the typical four, to produce better airflow and reduce the appearance of condensation. New containers are referred to as “one-trippers” because they’ve only been used one time. Our used containers are a few years old, but provide a budget-friendly alternative. Whether you choose a new or used sea can, you are entitled to a presentable, clean unit, that is built to last and ISO-certified.

Cans For Business And Home Needs

Our cans are kept in optimal condition and do not have dents or scratches on them. They feature the original factory paint (a multiple layer application to create a strong barrier) and require minimal (if any) maintenance. Our sea cans can be used for various business and/or home needs such as:

  • Pop-up shop (retail)
  • Construction material storage on and off-site
  • Shed or garage storage
  • Office space
  • Extra refrigeration for restaurants/hotels
  • First aid room
  • Training facility
  • Heavy machinery storage
  • Motorcycle, ATV storage
  • Tradeshow/travelling sales conferences
  • Outdoor music festival dressing rooms
  • Gym
  • Rental property/cottage/home away from home
  • Classroom
  • Studio

Because our sea containers can be heated, insulated, are windproof, watertight and secure. Therefore, they can be modified to suit your precise needs. In fact, we offer certain modifications to make the transformation of your container easier:

  • Partition wall installation
  • Addition of doors: sliding, roll up, walk through
  • Custom frame
  • Plumbing
  • Outlets, lighting and electricity
  • Heating, A/C, exhaust fans
  • Custom flooring, exteriors, interiors and paint
  • Shelving
  • Security bars and windows

We can even add your company logo or other decals to your can. With these modification options, you can create a strong, portable space, with a secure shell, to use for your home or business.

No matter where you are located in Edmonton, Secure Container will deliver the can to you. Please contact us today for more information about our sea cans. We’ll ship to you so you don’t have to worry about the logistics of transport and travel arrangements.