Sea Can Services

At Secure Container Solutions, we have a large selection of sea cans for sale. Sea Cans, which are also referred to as shipping containers, sea containers, c cans and storage containers serve a variety of purposes for many types of businesses. We carry a selection of new and used Sea Cans.

We refer to our new containers as “one-trippers” because these c cans have only been used once and are therefore presentable and clean. A new container is ideal if you intend to place it in a busy, public space or retail site and you need it to look clean and presentable. However our used containers, which are a few years old, are a great, budget-friendly alternative, so long as your needs are more utilitarian than aesthetic.

Customizable C Cans for Sale

Our selection of new Sea Cans have the following great features:

  • High Security lock box to protect your valuables ($150 value)
  • Used only “one way” and in great condition.
  • They have not been moved a lot, so they don’t have dents, dings, or surface rust
  • They have great aesthetics and require little or no maintenance
  • 8 vents versus 4 providing better air flow and less condensation to worry about.
  • Our prices are unbeatable
  • Our c cans Corten Steel, which is a special type of weathering steel that consists of alloyed elements such as silicon, nickel, copper, and chromium to enhance the corrosion resistance of the steel structure from the elements. Corten Steel (COR-TEN) also significantly increases the strength of the container
  • They come with the original, factory paint. Our containers are manufactured and painted in a highly controlled environment with multiple layer paint application. These Sea Cans are ready for customization to suit your specific needs.

Considering modifying your Sea Can?

We believe that the key advantage of Sea Cans is that they provide a highly portable space within a strong and secure shell. With a variety of modification options, you can add value to this already awesome combination in order to deliver versatile solutions for both individuals and businesses.

Promotional events, trade show exhibitions, travelling roadshows, consumer expos, and music festivals can all benefit from our modified Sea Cans. Depending on your needs, you can modify the container without compromising the inherent advantages associated with the containers, such as the air/water tight seal.

Some of the modifications we offer include:

  • Exterior and interior paint
  • Installing partition walls
  • Roll up door, sliding doors, walk through doors
  • Custom frame or door using container side
  • Windows and security bars
  • Custom interiors, including flooring, and exteriors
  • Company Logo and other decals
  • Plumbing
  • Heat and AC units, exhaust fans
  • Lighting, electrical packages, electrical outlets
  • Shelving, etc

Sea Can delivered to your doorstep

Secure Container Solutions will deliver your container to your location, freeing you from the burden of having to make transport arrangements.

Our Sea Cans come in a range of sizes. Whether for residential, contractual, or business use, our professional team can help you get the right container for your needs.