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Storage Containers Ajax

At Secure Container Solutions, we carry a wide selection of containers in many sizes to suit the unique needs of our residential, commercial, and industrial clientele in Ajax. In addition to standard containers, we provide an array of specialty units to facilitate specific projects.

SCS is recognized across Ontario for its high quality modifications and innovative customization of containers. Our talented design team is always looking to impress on their next design, and will brainstorm on your vision to bring it to life.

High Quality Containers for Storage, Transport, and Events

SCS provides sea containers for every purpose, wherever you may need them in and around Ajax. We believe that one of the greatest advantages of sea containers is that they offer a high quality portable space within a strong and sturdy structure.

With a range of creative modification options, anyone can add value to an already invaluable steel box, transforming it into a secure structure for home, business, or industrial use. Some of the common applications of sea containers include:


Alternative housing is a growing trend, not only in Ajax and Ontario but across the globe as well. With the rising cost of building materials, dwindling supplies of timber, and growing environmental concerns around the use of concrete, repurposed storage containers are looking like the perfect alternative. They are a sustainable solution that is both versatile and long-lasting.


The renovation of offices, homes, and public buildings often requires temporary storage of furniture, appliances, and other items. Our storage containers come in a variety of sizes, including the popular 10, 20, and 40 ft. sizes, to accommodate your storage needs and provide much needed storage while renovations are underway.


Exhibitions, conventions, festivals, and other huge gatherings require solid organization, excellent facilities, and strict planning. SCS can provide the solution for all your Ajax event needs. Whether it’s for storage, ticketing bases, dressing rooms, a marshal area, first aid units, retail facilities, sanitary facilities, or any other need, we can get you the right sea container.

Temperature-Controlled Environments

We also provide special refrigerated containers for temperature-controlled storage for food, beverages, produce, and raw materials.


For our clients in the manufacturing sector, we provide specialized sea containers to assist in ferrying uniquely shaped equipment and different kinds of raw materials, products, and byproducts.

The Green Storage Company – We Make the Community Better

Worn boxes that are not reused usually end up being melted down. But a standard 40 ft. container made up of about 8,000 lbs.of steel requires about 8,000 KWh of energy to melt down and manufacture. This is about 50% of what a typical household uses in one year. As such, any buildings created from used sea cans serve as a long-term storage structure while reducing the carbon footprint.

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