Storage Containers For Sale Or Rent In Alberta

Rent or Buy storage containers Across Alberta

Secure Container Solutions (SCS) offers clients around Alberta the best quality storage containers and top customer care service. This includes container maintenance, repair, and modification. We provide new and used, pre-made, and customized storage containers.

Each of our Alberta locations has a full inventory of container sizes and options. We understand that the needs of our commercial clients differ from our residential ones. SCS is committed to providing the best options for all our clients. Customers are also invited to modify our containers to better fit their needs.

With over 10 years of experience and over 50 years of combined expertise, SCS is one of the top Canadian suppliers of storage containers. We offer an unbeatable price guarantee that has helped us build a reputation as a trusted container supplier. Our team of creative consultants and container engineers help clients get the most from their containers.

Creative Containers

Whether you need a unique storage option for your home or business, SCS has a variety of storage containers that come in many sizes. They can also be customized to fit your specific needs or requirements.

Our storage containers are an affordable, secure option for customer’s storage needs. One of the best features of our containers is the ground-level entrance. This eliminates the need for stairs or steps to access your valuables. We also equip our containers with security lockboxes that can endure the Canadian weather. Clients can have peace of mind that even if there is snow, cold temperatures, rain or heavy winds their belongings will be locked securely. In addition to traditional storage, our containers can be used to suit almost any storage need.

This includes:

  • Storage for household items or furniture
  • Moving your home or business
  • Special event items
  • Gardening equipment and tools
  • Farming supplies and equipment
  • Construction site tool storage
  • Oil and gas site storage
  • Retail items and products
  • Landscaping options that combine storage with gardening decor
  • Unique decorative or artistic presentations
  • Restaurant equipment and supplies
  • Disaster or emergency equipment

Some of our clients have even found unique ways to use their storage containers such as:

  • Pop up businesses
  • Churches
  • Classrooms
  • Vendor kiosks
  • Labs
  • Offices
  • Cottages
  • Cabins

If you have a creative mind there is no end to the possibilities for our storage containers.

An Eco-Friendly Option

We are dedicated to providing green options for our customers’ storage needs. By keeping our containers in top condition and reusing or recycling them whenever we can, SCS keeps our landfills cleaner. Statistics show that over 50 percent of old storage containers are lying around unused. Discarding these containers involves a smelting process, which can be tough on the environment.

Through our efforts, we have prevented thousands of tonnes of waste each year. Our company works with steel ISO storage containers that enable us to provide the best product for our clients all well keeping our environmental footprint small.

If you are looking for a shipping storage unit or want some creative solutions to your storage dilemma, call SCS today at 416-817-3216 or contact us here.