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Storage Containers Athabasca

Athabasca is a community in northern Alberta, home to just over two thousand residents. The town banks on the Athabasca River, and is mottoed “Gateway To The Great New North.” You may know of some of Athabasca’s famous sports entertainment exports, like Bryan Mudryk or Jay Onrait. Athabasca is also well known for the well-regarded online learning institute Athabasca University.

Athabasca has the unique distinction of predating the railway. The town was settled in 1903 and was initially dubbed Athabasca Landing. It was the end point of the Edmonton to Athabasca Landing Trail. The trail allowed for the transportation of goods between adjoining river systems. As agriculture gained prominence the trail was used for a similar purpose. Eventually, the trail was furnished with roads and rail passages.

About Secure Container

Secure Container is pleased to serve Athabasca and it’s surrounding area. We are Canada’s premier container provider, specializing in container sales, rentals and modifications. We deliver your container to your door, position and level it, and can even take it away for you afterwards.

Why Storage Containers?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. Storage containers can be used for pop-up businesses, or for testing a new business concept before investing in commercial real estate. Containers are also useful for moving your home or office contents, allowing you more time to pack your belongings. If you have a large collection of items and don’t know where to put them, Secure Container is the source to call.

Secure Container has been in business since 2007. We ship our containers Canada wide, so wherever you are we’ve got you covered. Our team has over 50 years of combined total experience in the storage container industry. We’ve seen a wide variety of situations and uses for containers, so we can help recommend what container size, type and features you need.

Secure Container also pledges to assist in Green initiatives. We divert thousands of tons of waste annually by repurposing old storage containers otherwise destined for the junkyard. Storage containers are often abandoned after a job, at a very high environmental cost. It takes much more energy to smelt a storage container than to refurbish it. Recycling storage containers is recycling at a grassroots level, and we excel at it!

Need a storage container in northern Alberta? No matter where you are in Canada, we can ship premier containers to you. Contact us here to find out more.