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Storage Containers Bonnyville

Bonnyville is a thriving community in northern Alberta with a population of just under six thousand. It’s the hub for the oil and gas industry, with over 60 national and international companies choosing Bonnyville as the location for their head office. Bonnyville’s motto is “It’s Multi-Natural,” speaking to the variety and the majesty of its nature. The town is situated on the northern shore of Jesse Lake. The lake is an important area for bird migration, and every year bird watchers come out to see the spectacles.

Bonnyville is enjoying economic growth higher than the national average. The oil, gas and retail and constructions have created numerous job opportunities for residents. Bonnyville is also a great place for families, with community services prominently offered; health, recreation, education and cultural resources are available through the town.

The small town of Bonnyville is remarkably multicultural. There is a sizeable francophone population present. The top two non-official first languages of Bonnyville residents are Ukrainian and Tagalog.

About Secure Container

Secure Container is Canada’s premier provider of new and used storage containers. We do container sales, rentals and modifications. We ship to anywhere in Canada, and through our brokerage, we’re also able to offer global shipping of our containers. If you are taking on a project in Bonnyville, Alberta, call Secure Container for the best rate and service in attaining a storage container.

Storage containers serve a wide variety of uses. You can host a pop-up shop using a storage container, making for a portable business space that creates a buzz. This allows you to test out a new business or demographic, without having to make the major commitment of a commercial lease. Storage containers are also useful when moving; having a storage container lets you pack on your own schedule, store your belongings in the container and then bring its entirety to the new location.

Storage containers are economical, secure and reliable. We at Secure Container pride ourselves in providing the best containers, and the best customer service, in Canada.

Green Initiatives

We’re doing our part to protect the environment. The storage container industry is highly wasteful, with 56% of storage containers currently sitting idle in junkyards. There is a huge environmental cost to processing, moving and smelting these excess containers.

We prevent this waste by reusing our containers and refurbishing old ones. By keeping all of our containers in good condition and in circulation, we’re keeping our operations green and efficient.

Need a storage container in northern Alberta? No matter where you are in Canada, we ship premier containers to you. Contact us here to find out more.