Shipping Containers Burlington

At SCS, we are proud to provide residential and commercial customers in Burlington with a green solution for all their storage needs. Our shipping containers are great for storing garden tools, business inventory, equipment and supplies, off-season items, and many other things.

They can also be used to create a backdrop for a shade sail, mural, or welcome sign. For creative landscaping, you can use your container for storage and then install solar panels, green roofs, or growing spaces on top.

Site Preparation before Delivery

One of the biggest concerns for our Burlington customers is whether a container is the right solution for their needs. Here is a checklist to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Is there space on your site for the delivery truck?
    SCS provides sea can delivery services for our customers within and around Burlington. The kind of truck used to make the delivery depends on the size of container requested. To deliver a 40 ft. container, the truck needs 100 ft. of clearance, with no gates, trees, or any other obstructions, to make wide turns.
  2. Is there enough overhead clearance?
    Keep in mind that trucks are about 13 ft. 6 in. high, and can even reach 16 ft. when tipping the container into place. Choose a site that doesn’t have any tree limbs or power lines in the way.
  3. Is the route firm?
    A delivery truck delivering a 40 ft. container can weigh up to 45,000 lbs. With this kind of weight, it can have problems navigating through mud or wet grass. If the driver detects a risk if sinking, he may refuse to deliver at the site.
  4. Is the ground level?
    We recommend that you install your storage container on level ground to prevent it and its contents from sliding. Slanted ground poses great risk to people, animals, and property around the container. In addition, placing the container on uneven ground may cause it to twist, such that the doors fail to align properly, creating problems with opening and closing. Rocks, packed soil, pieces of wood, or concrete can easily be used to make the container sit level.
  5. Stake out the site
    Before delivery, identify the area where you want the sea can to sit and mark it with stakes, flags, twine, or other markers at the rear corners. This will help the delivery driver know how to position your container during installation.

The Green Storage Company

At Secure Storage Solutions, we offer a wide range of container application solutions that offset the need for new or alternative materials and structures to be created. This protects the environment through energy conservation.

All our steel sea cans are strong, sturdy, and in great condition, such that they don’t require any auxiliary support to serve their storage, transport, or housing duties. For container modifications, we use eco-friendly solutions by working with companies like Magna International, who supplies us with sound barriers for noise reduction applications in residential uses. This eliminates the need for traditional concrete sound barriers, which have a much greater carbon footprint.

Contact our Burlington office today to discuss what we can do for you.