Shipping Containers Calgary

With 25 years of combined industry experience, Secure Container Solutions is your one-stop storage shop. Our operations facility located in Edmonton services the entire Calgary area and beyond. What’s more, we offer hassle-free delivery because we understand that not everyone is in possession of transport vehicles that can move a large storage container. We’d rather bring the unit to your Calgary home or business instead of you having to pick it up. It’s simple and will save you time and money!

What We Do: Shipping Containers for Commercial and Residential Needs

Shipping Storage Containers calgary

At Secure Container Solutions, our goal is to provide our commercial and residential clients in Alberta with a new or used shipping container to use as you see fit. Our comprehensive storage solutions allow you to choose a container of any size and modify it if necessary. Additionally, we keep all sizes and types of containers available in the industry on hand at all times because a commercial client will have different needs than a residential one.

Our unbeatable price guarantee has made us the preferred supplier of container units for homes and businesses across Canada. We also employ creative consultants and container engineers to help you get the most out of your unit and maximize the space. Our units can be easily accessed via ground level entry so there’s no need to add steps or stairs to the outside of the container.

Moreover, our containers are protected with a high security lockbox and are designed to stand up to harsh weather, something Calgarians know all too well. Whether it’s heavy winds, rain, snow or frozen temperatures, your valuables will not incur damages while they’re inside our containers.

What You Can Do With Your Shipping Container Unit

Whether you run a Calgary-based retail business, an oil rig company or are looking for a convenient storage solution for your home, SCS has you covered. Our residential clients have used our units to hold household items during renovations, staging or moving. Our commercial clients have customized their units and turned them into churches, classrooms, vendor kiosks, labs, offices, electrical control rooms, and even liveable spaces like cottages and cabins.

Our containers can safely store everything from mining equipment to automotive parts to employee health records. If you run a restaurant you may require extra storage for foodstuffs and special event equipment. We’ve even seen our containers house emergency preparedness and disaster equipment. No matter what you need the unit for, it can be modified to your project!

Quality Steel Containers With a Touch of Green

We’re doing our part to help keep Alberta and the rest of our country beautiful. Secure Container Solutions is a green company that aims to make a positive impact on the environment. We’re helping to divert thousands of tonnes of annual waste by reducing our output by reusing and recycling old materials. We work with and use steel ISO shipping containers to ensure that we’re giving our clients a quality product without sacrificing the environment.

No matter if you are a homeowner or a business owner, we have the secure container for your Calgary project. Contact us today to rent, own and customize your storage unit.