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Shipping Containers Camrose

Welcome to the experience of Camrose! Camrose is a central Albertan city that is home to a thriving community and business landscape. Camrose is gifted with truly breathtaking nature. The city is set amid some of the province’s richest farmland and prairies, laying 90 kilometres from Edmonton. Camrose is nestled between prairie and boreal forest, giving it a mixed, lush topography that is nearly unrivalled. It is no surprise that farming makes up much of the city’s economy.

With many attractions such as festivals, museums, the pool park and shopping, the downtown area sports 250 businesses, 20 boutiques as well as major box retailers. You can get out and enjoy nature in Camrose by booking a camping trip, or by experiencing one of the tranquil golf courses. There are also over 37 kilometres of trails throughout the city available for hiking.

About Secure Container

Secure Container is Canada’s premier supplier of new and used shipping containers. We offer shipping container sales, rentals and modifications. Best of all, our shipping containers are available Canada-wide. Whatever type of size of container you require, Secure Container can help you out.

What can you use a shipping container for? If you have an overabundance of items, a shipping container can be of great use. Furniture, tools, machinery and special event equipment can be stored in a shipping container before and after they are needed. Moving house is can also be made much easier by renting a shipping container beforehand; you can store personal items in the container while staging your home for buyers. Then, you can use the container to pack up the rest of your belongings once your place is sold. You can even use shipping containers to host pop-up shops with low overhead cost.

Have a project in mind? We’ll provide a quote to help you budget. Shipping containers are an economical way to keep your items safe and organized.

Green Initiatives

We take our eco-responsibility very seriously. The shipping container industry is a very wasteful one. Currently, 56% of the world’s shipping containers are lying idle in junkyards. There is a high monetary and environmental cost in transporting and smelting these containers. We prevent that waste by maintaining and reusing all of our containers. It’s efficient, green and leads to savings for our customers.

Need a shipping container in Alberta? No matter where you are in Canada, we ship premier containers to you. Contact us here to find out more.