Shipping Containers For Sale Or Rent In Cold Lake

Shipping Containers Cold Lake

Located in northeastern Alberta, Cold Lake was originally three communities; Grand Centre, Cold Lake and Medley came together to form one community, which is now home to almost 15,000 people.

The city’s economy is largely impacted by military spending at Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake. Every year Cold Lake hosts troops from around the world to partake in Exercise Maple Flag. Thanks to the abundance of open space, NATO and other allied forces can make use of the free terrain. The exercise takes place over four to six weeks, in which time the city’s hospitality industry is considerably boosted.

About Secure Container

Secure Container is Canada’s premier shipping container provider. We offer container sales, rentals and modifications. Wherever you need your container, we can deliver. We offer Canada-wide shipping, and our brokerage can accommodate international shipping.

Shipping containers are multi-purpose; here are some ways you can use a container to help you out in your next big project:

  • Store oil rig and mining equipment
  • Hold your household items during renovations, staging or moving
  • Store hospitality or special events items
  • Hold emergency disaster preparedness equipment
  • Store farming and agriculture equipment or supplies
  • Hosting a pop-up business
  • Storing materials on a construction site

Secure Container guarantees quality containers and quality customer service. Contact us to find out more about buying, renting or modifying a shipping container today.

Green Initiatives

We’re doing our part to combat wastefulness in the shipping container industry. An astonishing 56% of shipping containers worldwide are laying in a junkyard, doing nothing. It’s very resource intensive to move these containers to a smelting plant and to process them. The best way to negate this environmental cost is to not let a container go to waste. We recycle at a grassroots level by repurposing used containers so they can serve on projects for years to come.

Need a shipping container in Alberta? No matter where you are in Canada, we ship premier containers to you. Contact us here to find out more.