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Storage Containers Edson

Edson is a central Albertan town with a fascinating history. It was originally founded as Heatherwood, but the town name changed in 1911 to honour Edson Joseph Chamberlin. Chamberlin was vice-president of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. The town became the local rail centre and rose to prominence.

Today, the Yellowhead Highway runs by Edson and carries some of the heaviest traffic flow in Canada; so much so, that the route has been dubbed the “second Trans-Canada Highway.” Edson lies in the McLeod River Valley, on the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Due to the high elevation, the town is subject to a subarctic climate.

Edson offers all the best in outdoor entertainment; residents particularly enjoy camping, boating, fishing, canoeing, trail riding and big game hunting. Edson has the beauty of the Rockies and the convenience of the Yellowhead highway. This town is well situated for good commerce and great tourism!

About Secure Container

Secure Container is Canada’s premier provider of new and used storage containers. Looking for a storage container for your next project? We offer container sales, rentals and modifications. Best of all, we ship anywhere in Canada.

Storage containers are rising in popularity; they’re affordable, convenient and are very secure. Here are just a few uses for storage containers in Edson:

  • Store oil rig and mining equipment
  • Hold your household items during renovations, staging or moving
  • Store hospitality or special events items
  • Hold emergency disaster preparedness equipment
  • Store farming and agriculture equipment or supplies
  • Hosting a pop-up business
  • Storing materials on a construction site

Storage containers help your project run more smoothly and keep your equipment well protected. Contact us to find out how storage containers can help you with your next job.

Our Green Initiatives

Secure Container is committed to keeping the storage container industry green. Right now 56% of the world’s old storage containers are unused. They’ll need to be transported to a processing plant and smelted, which takes a great toll on the environment. We avoid this environmental cost by ensuring our containers are well maintained. This allows us to reuse containers up till their maximum lifespan, drastically reducing waste. It’s up to all of us to keep Canada green!

Need a storage container in Edson? No matter where you are in Canada, we ship premier containers to you. Contact us here to find out more.