Shipping Containers For Sale Or Rent In Fort Mcmurray

Shipping Containers Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray is a northeastern Albertan urban service area, but its residents and politicians refer to it as a city. Fort McMurray has been a major hub in Canada’s oil and gas industry. It is located near the Athabasca oil sands and is surrounded by Boreal forest.

Fort McMurray’s population has increased rapidly due to the abundance of high paying oil jobs. Youths from all over Canada, particularly Newfoundland and Labrador, have been enticed by the competitive salaries. The booming economy has helped the city grow in other areas, such as commerce and attractions. Tragically, a devastating forest fire destroyed much of the city in 2016. Since then, reconstruction efforts have been the main priority of local politicians.

The city is rife with natural amazement. You can fish, see the northern lights, go snowshoeing or check out the MacDonald Island Park. The climate is subarctic, meaning winters are long and cold and summers are mild and brief. In fact, there are only three months of the year in which the temperature rises about ten degrees Celsius.

About Secure Container

Secure Container is Canada’s premier provider of new, used and refurbished shipping containers. Wherever you are in Canada, we can ship to you. Are you outside of Canada? No worries — through our brokerage we can also accommodate international shipments.

Shipping containers are a vital aspect of any major project. If you need to store belongings, equipment or materials in a convenient and secure manner, shipping containers are the solution for you. We sell, rent and modify shipping containers. If you want to purchase a container for ongoing use, or simply need to rent a container for a single project, we can help you figure out the details.

Here are just a few uses for shipping containers:

  • Store oil rig and mining equipment
  • Hold your household items during renovations, staging or moving
  • Store hospitality or special events items
  • Hold emergency disaster preparedness equipment
  • Store farming and agriculture equipment or supplies
  • Hosting a pop-up business
  • Storing materials on a construction site

Green Initiatives

The shipping container industry is disappointingly wasteful. Transporting unused containers to a smelting plant and breaking them down is incredibly resource intensive. We at Secure Container avoid harm to the environment by repurposing all of our containers. This leads to great savings for the customer, too.

Need a shipping container in Fort McMurray? No matter where you are in Canada, we ship premier containers to you. Contact us here to find out more.