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Shipping Containers Halton

Sea containers are the go-to temporary and permanent storage solution for households, businesses, and industries. At Secure Container Solutions, we provide the community of Halton with the cleanest ‘one-trip’ used containers in the industry. They are strong, sturdy, secure, weatherproof, cost effective, and portable solutions for all your organized space needs.

For your short-term or long-term storage needs, SCS can deliver a storage container of your desired size, right outside your home or premises, leave it there for you to load your valuables at your own pace and convenience, and then pick up the loaded container for transport to your desired new site. You can also use the container briefly during a renovation project. And when you no longer have any use for it, just call us and we’ll return it to our facilities.

Beyond the standard storage applications, our sea cans can also be modified and used for:

  • Refrigeration – The combination of weatherproof steel construction and fabrication with corrugated aluminium floors and food grade stainless steel interior walls provides the ideal storage space for perishable commodities.
  • On-site office and storage – With enhanced ventilation and lighting, and the addition of various convenient features for comfort, a container can be transformed into an office, boardroom, or first-aid room.

Secure Storage Solutions

Sea cans come standard with four lockable metal levers that can be locked with padlocks. But considering that padlocks can be easily compromised using bolt cutters, we provide our Halton customers with alternative ways to secure their containers, including:

  • Adding a covered padlock box on the container – The padlock arcs over a metal hook on one door, which is in turn concealed by a metal box that closes over it when the two doors meet. This makes it impossible to access the padlock hook when the doors are locked, but you can still insert a key at the bottom of the padlock to access your container
  • Using a hidden shackle padlock – This refers to an enclosed padlock that you install yourself on the container for added security
  • Using a cargo door lock – This is an impenetrable lock that holds the two doors tightly in place

The Green Storage Company

We are proud to say that SCS has always been attuned to environmental issues, because repurposing is the essence of our business. The same passion that goes into innovation also goes into all of our business activities to enhance a greener Halton environment.

Besides reclaiming sea cans that were destined for landfills and scrap yards and transforming them into usable space, we also try to reduce the impact on the environment through other activities. For instance, some of our modified storage containers feature sustainable soundproofing to eliminate the need for concrete-based sound barriers. We don’t compromise on even the smallest things, like paints. We use eco-friendly paints for designing your logo or any other kind of branding on your containers.

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If you have a project in mind and want to know how our storage containers can help lower your costs while reducing your carbon footprint, please contact our office in Halton to discuss your needs and options.