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Shipping Containers Hinton

Hinton, Alberta is the gateway to the Rockies. Located in the interior plains of central-west Alberta, Hinton has heart, soul and a fascinating history.

The settlement was founded in the 19th century. A trading post was established in the community, which was later built over by CN railway. The rail routes changed over the years, but the Hinton stop remained useful. There is still a railway station in Hinton today.

The population of Hinton experienced a boom in the 1930s with the opening of a coal mine. The mind created jobs and attracted new workers. Not long after a recession hit Hinton, and the population dropped to below 100. In 1955 a pulp mill was opened, helping to regrow the town. Hinton’s population now stands at just under 10,000.  

About Secure Container

Secure Container is Canada’s premier provider of new, used and refurbished shipping containers. Wherever you are in Canada, we can ship to you! That’s right; Canada-wide shipping. If you’re taking on a new project, a shipping container can help you store your belongings onsite. Our containers are secure, so you don’t have to worry when you go home for the night.

Shipping containers aren’t just useful for industrial transport. There are so many things you can do with them! Here are just a few creative examples:

  • Store oil rig and mining equipment
  • Hold your household items during renovations, staging or moving
  • Store hospitality or special events items
  • Hold emergency disaster preparedness equipment
  • Store farming and agriculture equipment or supplies
  • Hosting a pop-up business
  • Storing materials on a construction site

Have a big project coming up? Secure Container is the partner to choose when it comes to getting top quality containers and top tier customer service.

Green Initiatives

Secure Container is committed to following through on our corporate social responsibility. Over half of the world’s shipping containers are lying dormant in junkyards. It takes a lot of natural resources to transport the containers to a processing plant and smelt them down. This can be a wasteful industry, but we’re trying to change that.

We partake in grass-roots recycling by ensuring all of our containers are repurposed and used again. This prolongs the containers lifespan, and leads to savings for our customers.

Need a shipping container in Hinton? No matter where you are in Canada, we ship premier containers to you. Contact us here to find out more.