Storage Containers For Sale Or Rent In Kawartha Lakes

Storage Containers Kawartha Lakes

Secure Container Solutions is proud to provide residents and businesses in the city of Kawartha Lakes with clean, painted, secure, and well maintained container storage solutions for residential and commercial use.

More and more people in the city of Kawartha Lakes are taking advantage of containers for personal and commercial use. Our containers are strong, easy to move around, spacious, and address the need for secure storage in an instant.

An overview of Kawartha Lakes

Located to the northeast of the GTA, the city of Kawartha Lakes has a population of over 75,000 people scattered in its 17 towns and villages connected by the Trent-Severn Waterway. More than 25 percent of the population resides in Lindsay, though the other urban and rural areas are also appreciated for their natural environment, as well as affordable housing, quality health care services, multiple educational options, and year-round recreational amenities, cultural opportunities, art, and entertainment.

Kawartha Lakes is a great place to live, work, and start a business. The city has comparatively low land costs, labour rates, and taxes, plus it has a great supply of skilled workforce for the conventional industries of manufacturing, retail, tourism, construction, and agriculture, as well as emerging technologies in medical supplies, water management, geomatics, and agri-food services.

Buy or rent a secure sea container in Kawartha Lakes

At SCS, we recommend that you prepare the site for placing your container, as opposed to simply setting it on the ground. The problem with the latter option is that a heavy container can easily sink into the ground, resulting in all kinds of problems. It is best to provide a concrete pad, perhaps some rails, or even a gravel base. You, however, don’t need a foundation as containers don’t meet the legal threshold (for structures occupying an area of 538 square feet or more).

While it may be tempting to convert a transport trailer into a storage container by removing the wheels and dollies, the two are fundamentally different. Trailers are not as sturdy and secure as containers, plus you will be required to present an engineering report attesting to the strength and durability of the trailer.

Though they are made from steel, any uneven positioning can cause the container to shift slightly, creating challenges with opening and closing the door. Note that an unloaded 20 ft container weighs 2200 kg while a 40 ft one weighs about 4,000 kg. So, consider placing some rails or wood blocks along the edges or corners, or even some concrete platforms for long-term container positioning.

Getting a sea container from SCS gives you a sturdy and secure structure that you can use for land-based storage, a modular home, or any other need in the city of Kawartha Lakes.