Storage Containers for Sale in King City

Whether you’re renting a sea container for a temporary storage solution, or purchasing one to use as a garden shed or a pop up food or retail store in King City, Secure Container Solutions can help you get exactly what you need with no hassle.

Our one-trip sea cans are in great condition, because they have only been used once before for shipping, so they have not been exposed to the harsh marine environment long enough to develop rust or other kinds of deterioration. As such, these ‘newish’ storage containers can be used as they are to provide portable, secure, and reliable storage.

Alternatively, they can be modified to solve other space related problems, such as the need for a mobile office at your construction site, a budget friendly sustainable home, or a mobile food store that will be placed right in the middle of King City.

Wind, Water, and Vermin Proof Containers

From clothing, to raw materials, to heavy equipment, almost anything can be safely stored and transported inside our ISO certified sea containers. These containers come in a wide variety of sizes and can be used for anything.

  • 6 ft. storage containers—You may need a small portable storage container to transport items on the back of a truck, or to keep equipment safe and dry at the job site. The small size of this container also means that it will easily fit in almost any backyard or garden in King City, for the storage of garden tools and equipment or outdoor furniture during the winter season.
  • 8 ft. storage containers—These containers can also fit into almost any backyard or garden in King City for a safe storage solution. They are great for providing extra storage space during remodelling projects.
  • 10 ft. sea storage containers—These multifunctional containers can be used for a range of transport and storage applications. You could, for instance, put in a workbench and shelving for a lockable, dry, and mobile workshop. Their size also makes them ideal for the storage of merchandise and valuables during events.
  • 20 ft. sea storage containers—These containers are very popular. They are an easy to use option for clients looking for a safe and dry storage unit for their belongings. You can get it modified to meet your personal needs.
  • 40 ft. sea storage containers—Due to their big size, these containers are mostly used for shipping cargo. Their strong and sturdy construction allows them to endure long sea trips. They are extremely secure, durable, and resistant to water, wind, and vermin. This means that almost anything can be safely shipped inside, from antiques, to clothing, to machinery.

The Green Storage Company

At SCS, environmental responsibility is at the core of our business. We find high quality sea cans that were destined for melting and recycling, and turn them into secure, usable structures that can be sold, rented, or modified to be used as storage units, site offices, or homes.

Our team is committed to creating a more sustainable future for our clients in and around King City. Repurposing sea cans helps the environment, and working with us is one way to reduce your carbon footprint. Contact our office in King City to discuss how our sea containers can help to fulfill your space needs.