Shipping Containers London

Whether you run a business and need to keep valuable records or equipment safe or are looking for a place to keep your furniture while your home is undergoing renovations, we have the ideal storage solution.

Since 2007, we have been providing Canadians with storage containers for their residential and commercial needs. Our units are immaculate, painted and are equipped with a high security lock box to keep your assets safe. We deliver our units directly to your London location to save you time and money.

Modifiable Units For All Uses

Our units are customizable and we employ creative consultants and container engineers to help you maximize the space. No matter the project, we can turn your unit into exactly what you want. For example, our clients have turned their units into laboratories, workshops, livable housing or cottages, enclosures for generators and pumps, vendor kiosks, electrical control rooms, portable power and communications systems, exhibit units, military applications, specialized training complexes for fire and police, offices and classrooms and even water treatment enclosures. With our unbeatable price guarantee, you’ll no doubt find the perfect container storage solution when you rent or buy one of our units.

The Safe Storage Solution

At Secure Container Solutions, we ensure that our units are safe. It is important to us that your items, whether they are sensitive documents or farming equipment, are safeguarded from everything including theft and even inclement weather. Those London winters aren’t always temperate but our storage containers are built tough to stand up to rain, sleet, snow and heavy winds.

Moreover, our high security lockbox technology is designed to keep your unit locked when you’re not accessing it. Our easy and convenient units are also ground level accessible so you don’t need steps or ladders to get into them. Plus, with our hassle-free delivery you’ll never have to drive off-site to get to your unit.

Always in Stock, Always Green

We carry a constant stock of all size containers. At Secure Container Solutions, we keep every type of unit on hand at any time because what suits a commercial client may not make sense for a residential one. We’re also a green company, committed to making a difference. By working with and using steel ISO shipping containers we aim to make a positive impact on our environment. We’re also helping to divert thousands of tonnes of annual waste and reusing and recycling materials.

However, just because we’re reducing our waste output doesn’t mean that our units are expensive and low-quality. We never sacrifice quality. In fact, our safe storage container solutions are high calibre and affordable because any cost-savings we earn from being environmentally friendly, we pass it on to our clients.

Our comprehensive storage solutions can be used for anything your London business or home needs. Whether you are looking to store emergency preparedness equipment, tools and supplies, or even food, we have the right container to suit your needs. Contact us today and let Secure Container Solutions safeguard your valuables, no matter what they are.