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Storage Containers Milton

As one of the leading suppliers of storage containers in Ontario, Secure Storage Solutions can provide high quality and high security storage containers for sale or rental in Milton, for any residential, commercial, or industrial applications.

Mindful of the Exterior Appearance

Once you buy or rent your sea can, it’s yours to use however you see fit to fulfill your needs. Generally, you should take good care of your container to maximize its life. But when renting, handling your unit with care can mean the difference between having an affordable short-term storage solution and paying hefty additional repair costs.

At SCS, we only deliver quality containers, meaning that they will be airtight and watertight when delivered to you, unless there are some modifications with regard to ventilation. Our one-trip containers have not been exposed to the harsh marine environment for long, and are usually free of rust or blemishes.

Our sea containers come in several standard colour options, but you can always powerwash and paint the exterior to suit your needs. If you request that our team modify your container for you, we usually prefer to use eco-paints, to minimize our environmental impact. But when you buy your own container, you can choose an oil-based, industrial enamel paint that boasts good metal adherence and has a high sheen.

Here are some useful tips for repainting your storage container:

  • Start by peeling off the shipping line stickers using a razor blade
  • Powerwash the container. Be careful when doing this close to edible gardens as some paints contain hazardous chemicals
  • Inspect for rust. Our containers should be rust-free, but any signs of rust forming can be easily removed using a grinder.
  • Paint as soon as you finish grinding to prevent any rust from forming. Simply spray or roll the paint on.

Tip: Before starting the paint job on your container, you should think about any other modifications that are necessary to optimize its function. Keep in mind that these metal boxes reach high temperatures fast in the summer, so you may need to consider ventilation if you intend to use the sea can for storing temperature-sensitive equipment or seeds. Even if you will not be spending more than a few moments inside collecting supplies, you should consider cutting holes in the roof and adding vent fans.

The Green Storage Company

Our focus on environmental responsibility and enhancement of a greener environment goes beyond our efforts to reclaim thousands of storage containers that were destined for scrap yards and landfill sites and turning them into usable space.

Among other green initiatives, we provide the electronics recycling industry in Milton and throughout Ontario with sea cans for the secure and convenient collection of e-waste that contains some of the most toxic substances in the world. We are able to achieve this through partnerships with large companies such as Complete Electronic Recycling Services and Global Electric Electronic Processing, who task us with providing logistics and equipment for their collection sites around Ontario

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