Shipping Containers Montreal

Since 2007, Secure Container Solutions has provided quality, value and security to Canadians looking for more than a place to keep their belongings. Our container solutions are ideal for any project and our clients range from homeowners, to local business owners, to hospitals, to military personnel. If you’re in need of a storage unit that is secure, efficient and easy to access, we have the right container to fit your needs. No matter if you’re looking to store employee health records or farming equipment, we have the container necessary to do that job.

Not Your Average Storage Company

We’re more than a traditional storage company because our units can be rented, bought and customized, and we provide hassle-free delivery. Not everyone has access to adequate container transportation which is why we’ll bring the unit to your Montreal home or business to save time and money. Plus, Secure Container Solutions’ operations facility in Montreal allows for same-day delivery so you can get your unit quickly.

Our comprehensive storage solutions feature ground-level access, high security lockboxes, and are designed to deal with harsh weather. Montreal winters can be brutal but don’t worry, your container is made to stand up to the elements so no matter how much snow, ice and rain is outside, the contents of your container will stay dry inside.

Commercial and Residential Options

What works for a residential client may not be the right solution for a commercial client. We keep every size container on hand at all times so that each client’s need is met whether they need a large unit to store tools or a smaller unit to keep their furniture while their home is being renovated. We are staffed with container engineers and space consultants who can make sure you get the most out of your unit.

If you choose to modify your unit, our engineers and consultants will ensure that your vision comes to life. We’ve seen our containers transformed into mobile classrooms and training facilities, laboratories and workspaces, construction and landscaping offices, liveable spaces like cottages, vendor kiosks and even water treatment enclosures. The possibilities are endless when you rent or buy a unit from Secure Container!

Unbeatable Price Guarantee

As the preferred supplier for both residential and commercial clients across the country, we’ve decided to our part to protect the environment. We use and work with steel ISO shipping containers and reduce our waste output. We’re making a positive impact on our environment by helping to divert thousand of tonnes of annual waste by reusing and recycling old materials. Besides maintaining our green status, we pass all cost-savings onto our clients. Our unbeatable price guarantee ensures that you get the most affordable and quality unit on the market.

Whether you’re looking to keep your furniture safe during home improvements or place store heavy machinery, we have the perfect sized unit for your needs. Contact us today for your secure storage solution.