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Secure Container Solutions specializes in the sale, rental, and custom modification and delivery of new and used storage containers. From our modern facilities in Oakville and other cities across Ontario, SCS can perform a wide range of steel container maintenance, repair, and modification work to suit your personal needs.

Long-Term Storage Solution: Setting Up the Foundation

At SCS, we provide high quality storage containers for both lease and purchase. Regardless of how long you plan to keep your container, we recommend that you place it on level and solid ground. If the ground is not solid, the sea can may sink over time and twist slightly, making it difficult for the doors to open and close properly.

The right foundation also allows air circulation under the container, which in turn reduces the risk for condensation collecting and contributing to the formation of rust. Raising the container also keeps rodents from burrowing below undetected.

Some factors to consider when choosing the right foundation include:

  • Size and weight of the container
  • Water level on the site
  • Consistency of the soil on site
  • Material and labour costs
  • Whether your site owner permits the installation of permanent features such as concrete

When it comes to choosing the foundation materials, there are four common options, each with its own pros and cons.

Great choice for temporary use. They can be easily manoeuvred when lowering the container to adjust the placement. However, they rot with time.

It is flexible and easy to level. It can also be used along with wood to drain away water to keep the timber from rotting. Unfortunately, gravel may shift over time.

Concrete Slab
These provide a solid and stable surface for the sea can. However, they are expensive, require you to fasten the sea container to the slab using bolts, and they’re labour intensive, since you need to excavate the area to the frost line, to reduce the risk of cracking with temperature changes.

Concrete Footing
This is intended to cover only the spots under the edges of the storage container. They are more economical than slabs.

Our professional team can help you choose the best foundation for your site and container size. That said, you should keep in mind that concrete is considered a permanent installation, so a permit is required. You should also avoid bricks and cinder blocks because they crack and crumble under heavy loads.

The Green Storage Company

Some of the biggest threats to life in the future include poor water and air quality, global warming, and the rapid depletion of natural resources. To reverse these worrying trends, individuals and business across the globe are supporting various green initiatives in one way or the other. At SCS, we have always been aware of environmental issues, because repurposing is at the core of our business.

We are proud to share our passion for environmental responsibility with our Oakville clients, who choose our sustainable, repurposed sea cans rather than less eco-friendly concrete or timber structures.

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At SCS, we take away the hassle of transporting your container to the site. Whether it is within or around Oakville, we have the resources, knowledge, and experience to get your sea cans exactly where you need them. Contact our Oakville team today to order your custom containers.