Shipping Containers For Sale Or Rent In Ontario

Buy or Rent Shipping Containers in Ontario

For over 10 years Secure Container Solutions has been providing clients across Ontario with strong and environmentally-friendly storage solutions. We serve residential and business customers and pride ourselves on offering quality service.

Our goal is to ensure that our client’s belongings are safe and secure. Our containers can be delivered anywhere in the province and across the country. They are a great option to store many items including paperwork, possessions and other valuables.

Customers can also trust that our containers are clean and well-maintained. They are equipped with high-security lockboxes to protect your belongings. These locks keep your belongings secure when you are not there. We also offer a variety of storage container options in a range of sizes that can be used for any job.

A Container for Every Client

At Secure Container Solutions, we provide comprehensive solutions that can fit any residential or commercial need. Our containers are able to be modified and customized to fit your specific needs. We know that containers that work for residential clients are not always the right option for commercial clients. In addition, we offer an unbeatable price guarantee. Our clients know they are getting the best storage options at the best price.

Our team has over 25 years of combined expertise in the industry. We know how to offer the best in customer service. Over the past decade, we have built our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy container solution company.

Unique Container Uses

While the majority of our clients use our containers for storage purposes, this is not the only way that you can use our solutions. Some unique options for your container include:

  • Vendor kiosks
  • Store business records
  • Keep disaster preparedness items secure for schools, hospitals etc.
  • Store construction tools and equipment
  • Secure farming tools
  • Store seasonal merchandise
  • Creative landscaping
  • Household items storage
  • Furniture storage during renovations
  • Store oil and mining equipment at the site

Whether you are looking for a business or residential option, our container units are the best fit for any project.

An Eco-Friendly Storage Option

Secure Container Solutions are an environmentally-friendly storage option that can be used in any region of Ontario. We reuse steel ISO shipping containers that help keep our planet green. Regardless of your location or the weather, our containers are designed to be a safe and secure option to store your belongings. All of our storage units have been built to withstand rain, snow or heavy winds. Our customers know that our solutions do not harm the environment unnecessarily.

Our team is dedicated to grass-roots recycling efforts to keep shipping containers out of landfills. For those who want to make the least impact on the environment, we offer used and refurbished shipping containers. We do not sacrifice quality or cleanliness but rather, we keep our containers in their best condition. We take pride that our efforts help the environment by reducing the amount of waste in the landfills.

No matter where you are in Ontario, we can deliver your shipping container to you. For more information or to discuss your container options, call SCS today at 416-817-3216 or contact us here.