Storage Containers Thornhill

Secure Container Solutions is leading the way in alternative storage, design, and architecture by repurposing used sea containers as storage units, homes, offices, retail stores, and more. These versatile steel boxes are transforming how households and businesses in Thornhill solve their need for organized space.

Looking for a cheaper and greener way to construct your home? With the rising cost of building materials and housing, modifying new or used containers is becoming the best available option for more and more people. Turning to the humble sea container to protect you and your family from the elements can be an exciting and financially rewarding endeavour.

Custom Modification

Modified storage containers can also be transformed into site offices and pop-up food or retail kiosks. The fact that steel sea cans are strong, secure, versatile, and can be easily transported to a construction site or high-traffic site makes them the perfect resource for creating organized spaces in unconventional areas, all while keeping within budget.

At SCS, we work with our Thornhill customers to determine the best solution for your needs. For custom modifications, we recommend that you contact our Thornhill team to discuss your project specifics.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An estimate and quote prepared by our engineers and sales team
  • We agree on the scope of your project and you receive the sales contract
  • You sign the contract and we commence work on your project
  • Our engineers create the drawings for your modified sea container
  • You examine the layout drawings and then recommend changes or approve them
  • Our purchasing department orders the necessary materials
  • Fabrication work
  • Arrangements for delivery
  • Site preparation and installation

We find that many of our customers around Ontario request basic modifications & container accessories. These provide a quick and easy way to personalize your container so it meets your unique needs. Standard additions can substantially improve the utility of your container. Common modification options include:

  • Man doors and roll-up doors
  • Windows and skylights
  • Vents/louvres
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Custom paint
  • Electrical packages with lights and/or heat

You may also want to consider useful accessories such as lock-boxes, shelving brackets, container ramps, and twist locks.

The Green Storage Company

SCS is leading the industry with environmental responsibility and stewardship by diverting thousands of sea cans every year from stockyards and scrap yards. This in turn helps to offset their initial energy cost, and saves the vast amount of energy that would be needed to melt them. Our focus on low environmental impact and sustainability extends to the processes used to brand, paint, and modify containers.

Contact Us

Contact our Thornhill office today to discuss your container requirements with our team. We are always ready to provide further information and answer any questions about our products and services.