Shipping Containers For Sale Or Rent In Vaughan

Shipping Containers Vaughan

At Secure Container Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing the rapidly developing City of Vaughan with clean and presentable, one-trip sea containers that address their space needs in a sustainable and cost effective way.

Our shipping containers have only been used once before, which minimizes their likelihood of having any rust or defects that may compromise their intrinsic qualities, so that you get a container that is strong and sturdy, waterproof and airtight.

Some of the features of our sea containers include:

  • Great condition – since they have only been used once
  • Clean and great aesthetics – may not require repainting
  • No dents, dings, or surface rust – have not been moved a lot
  • High security lock box to keep your valuables safe
  • 8 vents, as opposed to 4, providing better airflow and minimal condensation
  • The original, multi-layer factory paint application
  • Arrive ready for modification to suit your specialized space needs
  • Strong and corrosion-resistant construction – owing to the Corten Steel composition

These containers can be used as they are for short-term or long-term storage, or modified to address a more specialized space requirement. Our modified sea containers can be placed in busy public spaces or retail areas without detracting from the aesthetics of their surroundings.

Instant Storage Solutions

If you have an immediate storage need in Vaughan, we can help. Secure Container Solutions provides innovative, portable, secure, and cost-effective storage solutions to address a plethora of typical storage problems for households, businesses, and industries.

Our sea cans are ideal for storing:

  • Furniture and household items when remodelling
  • Construction tools and equipment
  • Excess inventory and promotional items
  • Seasonal items
  • Restaurant supplies
  • Landscaping and gardening equipment and supplies
  • Business records
  • Disaster preparedness items
  • Auto parts
  • School and church supplies

Custom Made—Endless Opportunities

Every sea can can be modified to meet your unique requirements. The modifications can range from windows, a personnel door, or A/c to mobile workspaces, pop-up stores, and even storage container homes. Some of the popular modification ideas include:

  • 10 ft. cabin container – these containers can be used as product display spaces or change rooms during events, or placed on your job site for the perfect cashier unit, office space, or gatehouse.
  • 20 ft. cabin container – with simple modifications, these containers can be used as an office, boardroom, meeting room, or for events. It can even be fitted with a mini kitchen and toilet.
  • 20 ft. bar container – a modified container that is easy to transport and easy to use during events. Your food, drinks, and other products will stay dry and secure inside, regardless of changes in weather.

The Green Storage Company

SCS leads the industry in social responsibility and environmental stewardship. We are continuously looking for new ways to give back to the Vaughan community while working together towards achieving a more environmentally sustainable future via our green practises and corporate policies.

So, beyond repurposing sea cans that might otherwise be melted, we also use environmentally friendly ‘Eco Paints’ when creating logo markings or painting your container.

Contact our expert team in the City of Vaughan to discuss how our sea containers can help to fulfill your space needs.