Shipping Containers Whitby

Secure Storage Solutions carries an extensive fleet of shipping containers in stock and ready for sale, rent, or modification to suit your needs. We provide households, businesses, and industries across Whitby with a wide array of quality, secure, and rugged shipping containers that can be modified to meet your specific requirements.

Modified Containers for Your Construction Site

In the construction industry, steel containers provide safe and secure storage for all materials, parts, and components. To accommodate your working staff, you may opt for a modified container that’s delivered with custom ventilation and lighting, furniture, and even appliances.

We can also provide special containers with workbenches and storage shelves that are equipped with lighting and other features. For the safety of your documents or other valuables, we can construct special storage compartments with additional entrance doors.

Whether you want to rent or buy your storage or modified sea can, we will transport it to your site anywhere in and around Whitby. The containers are delivered and positioned onsite fast. If space is limited, we can stack the containers up to 3 units high.

Turning Waste into Space

When we modify a shipping container to create your custom retail storefront, office, dream house, or industrial enclosure, we give you an economical and green alternative to conventional and wasteful brick and mortar construction.

Aside from the obvious cost savings and reduced impact on the environment, modified shipping containers also reduce construction time by at least 50% compared to a traditional building. The SCS team takes pride in our ability to deliver high quality work and outstanding customer service.

We can modify containers for any and all applications, including:

  • Storage
  • Office and workstations
  • Housing
  • Workshop
  • Retail kiosk
  • Exhibit unit
  • Kitchen/food serving kiosk
  • Electrical control room
  • Pump, generator, or water treatment enclosures
  • Fire fighter training facilities, etc.

Work Anywhere with Our Mobile Offices

Our mobile sea can offices represent one of our innovative modification projects. These mobile offices provide you with a reliable, secure, organized, and functional space, giving you all the advantages of a regular office anywhere you want.

Whether you’re looking for a modular office space for the short-term, long-term, or as a permanent structure, our ground-access mobile offices are available for purchase or rent, and are delivered to your location ready for work.

The Green Storage Company

Steel storage containers are designed to stack nine high while ferrying 60,000 pounds on a deck that’s traversing the open ocean. They are built to withstand decades of service in the harsh marine environment, and if repainted on a regular basis, will last indefinitely as part of a building.

SCS has witnessed an increase in the adoption of container buildings in the place of concrete in Whitby’s urban areas, as more people become aware of the strength and easy stackability of the steel boxes. Moreover, cement is not green.

With 25 plus years of combined experience in the container sale, rental, modification, and delivery business, we guarantee our Whitby customers hassle-free service, tailored to your specific requirements. We are ready to help you in the best way possible.