Shipping Containers for Sale in Edmonton

Storage Containers - Edmonton

Edmonton is the sixth largest census metropolitan area in Canada. With a population of approximately 1,321,426, that’s a lot people in one area and only so much space. It is only natural that those who live in such a dense population require the efficient use of space and storage. If you’re looking for a storage option that is affordable, mobile and easy to maintain, consider a Storage container in Edmonton. You can modify the container to suit your needs to create everything from a liveable space, to an onsite construction office, or even a walk-in refrigerator.

Modifications And More

At Secure Container Solutions, we have a wide variety of inventory onsite at all times. We carry new and used storage containers in Edmonton in every size available in the industry to ensure that whatever the size you need, we have it in stock. We can customize your container and help you transform the unit. Our containers have been used as into portable storage units to house everything from heavy machinery to financial and business documents, pop-up shops and vendor kiosks, foodstuffs and restaurant supplies, and agricultural equipment. Moreover, our storage containers can be converted into classrooms, offices, studios, cottages and full-scale homes. In addition, if you are planning a move or need to keep your furniture during renovations, our containers provide the perfect place to ensure your household items don’t get damaged.

If you’re unable to perform the modifications on your storage container yourself, we’ll take care of it for you. We offer:

  • Custom framing
  • Plumbing addition (Perfect for offices and liveable spaces)
  • Electrical outlets
  • Security upgrades such as bars and windows
  • Heating options
  • Air conditioning
  • Exhaust fans
  • Custom paint for interiors and exteriors (We can also paint your company’s logo on the outside of your unit for personalized branding)
  • Door additions (sliding, walk through, roll up)
  • Specialized flooring and shelving
  • Partition wall addition

Containers For Rent And Purchase

Our storage containers are available for sale or rent. We offer next day delivery and our units can be used for commercial or residential purposes anywhere in Edmonton. Our units are designed with convenient ground level access, so there is no need to install elaborate stair cases or ramps to get to your container. Furthermore, our containers include a high security lockbox to ensure your valuables are safe. In addition to safeguarding your items from theft, our containers are wind and watertight to protect your stuff from Edmonton’s unruly winter weather.

Iso Certified Containers

Since we began our operations in 2007, our goal has been to deliver quality containers to our clients whether they are in the commercial sector or need a unit for their residential needs. With our unbeatable price guarantee in place, you know you are getting the the best containers on the market. Our units are certified by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization), clean and well maintained.

Contact us for more information about our storage container solutions in Edmonton and take advantage of our next day delivery options. At Secure Container, we can help you modify your container so it suits your exact needs. Whether you’re looking to rent a storage container for short-term use or want to purchase one to convert, we’ve got you covered.