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10 Stores That Used Shipping Containers to Stand Out

Shipping containers for sale can be creatively modified into eye-catching marketing artwork that will help your business stand out at trade shows and exhibitions. They are versatile, safe, secure, and portable, giving you a convenient and long-lasting alternative to traditional tents and temporary stands in an exhibition hall. With their personalized designs and your brand colours, modified shipping containers can bring your products and services to life, making your organization noticeable to potential customers.

Shipping containers used on brands

Whether you’re an event production company or an individual organization looking to manage its marketing campaign, we can help transform your 10-foot, 20-foot, 40-foot, or custom-sized container into an interactive exhibition stand. We’ll promptly deliver it to your site, so you have ample time to make the finishing touches before the event.

Recently, many companies have chosen modified shipping containers for their experiential marketing campaigns because of their efficiency in adapting the design to their unique needs. Shipping containers can be used for branding and marketing purposes for a variety of sectors and industries.

Here are some stores that have used modified shipping containers to create exclusive brand experiences for their customers:

1. Honda Fit mobile showroom

Honda used a modified 40-foot shipping container as a low-cost portable showroom during the Osheaga Festival. With their flexible structural configuration, this is a great example of how shipping containers can have ramps for smooth vehicle entry and exit, as well as floor hook systems, to hold the car steadily during transportation. With fitted TV screens and amazing sound systems for optimized customer experience, concert-goers enjoyed their favourite band performances, lounged on the comfy couches provided, and had the opportunity to interact with the brand-new Honda Fit.

2. Mutek mobile restaurants and bars

Entrants into the restaurant and bar space encounter various challenges, including overspending and poor location that push them out of business within the first year of operating. Converting a shipping container into a restaurant or pop-up bar gives you a cost-effective and flexible way to test the market by positioning yourself in front of your customers. Mutek, which is Montreal’s fanciest underground music festival, has partnered with some of the top chefs in Montreal for a unique experience of underground music and gourmet cuisine. This shows you how a 20-foot container can be transformed into a hip restaurant with a DJ deck.

3. MLB Chicago Cubs mobile bars

Shipping containers can be used as mobile bars at events; The Cubs used custom converted containers to set up three unique retail beverage stores within The Park at Wrigley. They had each container fitted with an extended bar and full refrigeration systems, and designed to blend seamlessly with The Park, and operate as permanent stores within Wrigleyville.

4. Land’s End pop-up retail space

All demographics like to enjoy a unique shopping experience, and modified shipping containers can be designed to create an interactive and appealing experience. Since customers often regard them as temporary setups, they’re motivated to make spontaneous purchases lest they miss out. Land’s End shipping container was designed with a beach house layout with adjustable custom walls, changing rooms, mannequins, and shelving for a unique shopping experience.

5. Puma City mobile store

The Puma City comprised 24 shipping containers arranged on three floors to create an industrial aesthetic providing more than 11,000 square feet. The store design by architecture studio LOT-EK features two terraces: one on the first floor between the containers and the other at the top. This is an excellent example of how an entire setup can be fully dismantled to alter the design or move it to a different location.

6. Aether Apparel store in San Francisco

Featuring three shipping containers, this retail store was designed by studio Envelope A&D with stacked and cantilevered containers to create a dynamic, geometric look for the San Francisco Aether Apparel store. The staggered containers give it an industrial look, while the creative colouring of the facades, natural lighting, oak floors, and glass sections give it a fairly mainstream style that allows it to blend seamlessly into the surroundings.

7. Del Popolo pizza truck

Shipping containers are versatile and can be used for unique purposes; this shipping container, mounted to a truck, was equipped with a 5,000-pound wood-powered brick oven for a mobile Neapolitan pizza shop.

8. Lila B. Design open-air floral studio

Floral designer Baylor Chapman’s shop is situated in San Francisco. It features a converted shipping container that serves as both an office and retail space (by Lila B. Design), sitting alongside her open-air floral studio.

9. Wahaca Mexican restaurant

The Mexican restaurant, Wahaca, is situated in London’s Southbank. It was designed by Softroom Architects, featuring eight shipping containers arranged as a two-story building. It has an outdoor terrace on one side of the first floor, and large sliding doors on the other.

10. Dyson hairdryer promotion with a mobile hairdressing salon

This mobile salon was created to assist the new and innovative Dyson hairdryer launch across the United States. It featured a 40-foot shipping container designed into fancy individual salon stations and a terrace providing panoramic views with 1,200 square feet of promotional space. During the tour across the country, visitors were invited to get their hair washed and blow-dried by professional hairdressers or try the newly launched Dyson hairdryer themselves.

Shipping Containers for Temporary and Permanent Stores

With 10-foot, 20-foot, 40-foot, or custom-sized shipping containers for sale, you can position your business in front of your customers much faster compared to a traditional business, allowing you to test the market and reach your goals sooner while reducing your financial risk. Your modified container can also bring your products to life, allowing consumers to interact with items as an alternative to online or in-store shopping.

Even as temporary stores to support a cause, offer free trials, or provide sample products and services, businesses can use modified shipping containers to make their products more accessible to their clients. They can get quick and quality feedback on the spot by eliminating barriers imposed by traditional stores.

If you are looking for shipping containers for sale to convert into a kiosk, please contact Secure Container Solutions at our office to discuss your needs.

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