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13 Unique Uses for Shipping Containers

Containers are valuable and highly versatile because they can not only be used in many different ways in the cargo industry, but people are finding a number of other innovative ways to utilize them.

Unique uses for shipping containers

In order to understand what shipping containers are, we must realize that they are nothing more than a closed, portable room that can be transformed to become different structures from the inside.

The fact is that used shipping containers still have a lot of life left in them; it would be a shame to throw them away. Here are 13 creative ways that people have found to reuse old containers.

1. A place to live

Containers are actually used for so many things these days that they have their own name: cargotecture. The use of single or multiple containers for building strong, low-cost, and eco-friendly houses is becoming more common.

It is also becoming increasingly commonplace to repurpose shipping containers as offices. Because shipping containers can be stacked, you can create multiple working areas within each container.

The fact that they are movable means that you can change the layout any time you like.

Due to their stackability and load-bearing abilities, they are also ideal for multi-level buildings, allowing several homes to be built in a relatively small space.

2. Creating a workspace

Wooden structures are less durable than used containers. The area is also rectangular in shape. Wouldn’t that make a great space for a garden shed? Shipping containers are actually a sturdy, inexpensive way to build a garden shed. However, did you know that you can turn them into a work area as well?

The idea of converting an old container into a quick and easy workshop might appeal to someone who enjoys working with tools. Additionally, these containers function incredibly well as a craft and art studio for all kinds of artistic endeavours.

3. Retail space

If you’ve ever been to the Boxpark shopping center in London, you’re familiar with the idea that you can set up a retail store using shipping containers.

In fact, because these boxes are so flexible and easy to convert, you can design and decorate them in any way you like. Indeed, even if your company does not participate in a larger Boxpark-type structure, these containers can make interesting and unique stand-alone stores.

4. Dining establishments and cafes

An alternative to building an entire structure, a shipping container contains prefabricated walls, roofs, and floors that you can then customize.

Therefore, if you want to create a restaurant or café with limited investment, this versatile box can provide an excellent foundation. A single portable container can easily be transformed into a mobile restaurant!

5. An outdoor swimming pool

It is known that containers can be easily waterproofed and designed to hold heavy loads, making them ideal for converting into swimming pools since they are made to hold heavy loads.

They are also long enough to accommodate lap swimming.

Moreover, it is possible to build a deck around them to avoid inserting them into the ground. It makes comprehensive sense to have a container pool over an above-ground pool due to the fragility of above-ground pools.

6. An ecological bridge

It is common to lay shipping containers end to end to make bridges because of their long, narrow shape. The sturdy structures provide protection from the elements for the people crossing.

Another useful benefit of such bridges is that cattle could cross rivers more easily since they seem nervous about walking across a bridge when they can see the water below them.

Similarly, a covered container bridge looks like a cowshed, making it less stressful for cows while also concealing the water source.

7. Classrooms and schools

The education infrastructure is lacking in some parts of the world. A school or a classroom can be developed from retired shipping containers in such places.

In addition to being portable, these containers can be modified more quickly than permanent structures. Consequently, they can be used for erecting a building or setting up classrooms almost instantly.

8. Emergency care hospitals

Shipping containers can be modified and transported easily and are excellent emergency hospitals, especially in disaster relief situations. In this case, they can be taken directly to the disaster zone instead of having to be transported far distances.

9. Shelter during a disaster

A natural disaster may result in homes being destroyed or people being forced to evacuate.

While they wait for their house to be restored or move to another accommodation, they may find that portable shipping container shelters are the ideal solution to their temporary housing difficulties.

10. Accommodations for students

The main problem with student housing is the lack of available space and the price. Fortunately, shipping containers can provide a solution.

Students can reside in adequate yet compact living spaces without needing to spend a lot of money to set them up.

11. The practice of indoor farming

Containers can serve as indoor gardens, as they make excellent garden sheds. This box is resistant to harsh weather conditions and is ideal for plants that cannot survive outdoors.

You can grow more food crops in a smaller area as well since containers can be stacked on top of one another.

12. Storage units

A shipping container is designed to be both strong and storage-friendly. A container is an ideal solution when you need space to store things.

A 20-foot container is about the size of a large garage, and its solid structure is virtually impossible to vandalize or break into.

13. Training center for firefighters

For fire training to take place, the facility must not pose a fire hazard but be large enough to accommodate the training.

A shipping container is made out of flame-resistant metal and can be joined together so that it can function as a variety of rooms in a house, therefore, making it ideal for fire training.

Over 70,000 pounds of material can be loaded into a steel container. Such is their strength and durability.

A surplus of steel containers is available since countries import more than they export. Let’s help upcycle used shipping containers to make anything you want!

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