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18 Unique Uses of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are used to contain goods when being transported, especially on the high seas where cargo is packed inside for better organization. The special features of standard containers, such as durable metallic corrugated side-walls and solid metallic floors and roofs, make them popular for reuse. While shipping containers are mainly used for transport, they can be repurposed and put to use in countless ways.

Best uses of shipping containers

Take a look at these 18 of unique uses of shipping containers.

Building Footbridges

The durable nature of shipping containers has made them useful in the construction of footbridges. One such bridge exists in Israel, where a 525-foot bridge was constructed with the use of slightly modified containers.

Food Trucks

Modified containers are highly suitable for mobile food trucks. A 40-foot long container has ample space for both a kitchen and a small dining space for customers. Depending on the modifications, these food trucks can also be modified for small mobile shops that can be hauled from one place to another.

Student Dorms

In a lot of countries where housing is a major issue, campuses have modified containers by adding doors and windows, beds, and living rooms, thus making them suitable for use among university students. Such containers can be immobilized by basing them on a solid concrete foundation.
A Playhouse

Containers can also be modified to be a playhouse by painting them in fun colours, adding ventilation, doors, and windows. The room can then be fitted with seats and other entertainment elements such as a television, PlayStation, and other in-house games.

A Barn or Storage

An appropriately modified container can be used as a storage facility to house food items such as grains or even act as a garage. When properly modified and painted, a container is fire resistant and can withstand considerable weather, even hurricanes and hail.

A Playground

When modified by adding stairwells and padding on the floor, a shipping container can be stacked with others and attached to slides, pipes, merry-go-rounds, and other toys to make them unique playgrounds for children.

Portable Decks

Containers are also appropriate when used as mobile decks or a stage upon which a speaker can address people. The decks can also be used as mobile entertainment platforms where a DJ or a master of ceremony would stand. Being mobile, the deck can be used in different locations for multiple purposes.

Swimming pools

Containers can also be modified by joining two containers and lining them with an appropriate material such as concrete and ceramic tiles to make a swimming pool. The container pools can be modified with plumbing to fit the standard of a normal swimming pool.

A Classroom

Containers can also be modified in various ways to make them suitable for schools. The walls can be fitted with windows and glass panes to allow for sunlight. A blackboard can also be fitted to give the containers a classroom feel. This concept has been used in third world countries.


Containers can also be fitted with additional support and strengthening structures such as concrete and support piers to make bridges which can support cars in narrow rivers. The bridges can also be made for rivers to support people crossing.


Containers can also be made into grandstands and fitted with seats. These portable stands can be ported from one place to another and are suitable for soccer fields where they can house fans or in stadiums for events.

Mobile Health Centers

Modified containers can be fitted with healthcare equipment such as MRI scanners to act as portable clinics. The concept has been widely used in refugee camps and has been successful because they can easily be transported from one place to another in response to need.


When appropriately modified, containers can even be turned into luxurious homes. The homes can be modified and themed with veneer and glass. These homes are particularly affordable and durable.

Disaster shelters

When appropriately modified, shipping containers can be made into disaster shelters. The modifications feature reinforced walls to withstand weather elements and installation of basic needs such as food and water.


Containers can also be modified by installing glass or transparent polythene roofs to transform them into greenhouses or nurseries.

Sports Facilities

When joined to form large rooms, containers can be used as sports facilities and other in-house games centres.

Car Parks

Modified containers with a wide length and width can accommodate numerous cars. This idea is popular in areas like shopping centres, and even homes.


In crowded areas where space is a challenge, containers can be stacked together to create an office space that is less cramped as compared to other offices.

Shipping containers can be repurposed for a number of uses. Their uniquely durable and long-lasting construction makes them particularly useful. With a good fabricator, you can turn a container into almost anything.

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