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3 Popular Types of Shipping and Storage Containers

Shipping containers come in various sizes and shapes and can be used for a vast number of purposes. With their expanding potential to be modified into semi-permanent or permanent facilities, their applicability in today’s world is limited by none other than our imagination. Yet, as with most utility items of this nature, there are preferences in the market for a few distinct container types, defined largely by their sizes. In this article, we look at three of the most popular containers people around the world choose, to apply to a variety of uses.

3 Popular Types Of Shipping And Storage Containers

The first and most popular type of shipping container is the 20-ft container. These containers go on to serve a variety of purposes, primarily for storage. Other uses include setting them up as small offices or cottages, either as makeshift premises, work sites, or as more permanent structures on office grounds and areas as such. Their popularity stems from their easy installment and movable nature, requiring only a crane and a flatbed trailer to transported to their next site of usage.

The 40-ft shipping container can also be used as a storage container, but more often ends up serving as on-site office space. Capable of housing double the capacity of the 20-ft containers’, these sturdy containers are a little more difficult to move around, requiring greater clearances for mobility and larger areas for installments. Despite their size and dimensions, they garner a much-respected following by those who care to modify them into various enclosures to function as roomy living quarters, among other things. As of their application as storage containers, they are preferred for large, bulky items, such as electrical or agricultural equipment.

Finally, we come to the 10-ft container, not used as often for storage as the first two, but which frequently lends itself as small shelters on work premises, among others. A little, strong structure made of steel, these shipping containers are a better choice to modify: i.e., by fashioning them into little kiosks or fitting them with large glass panes. With such relatively small dimensions, these containers increased in popularity when people started creatively applying small spaces for specific needs.

As we have briefly explored, a wide range of containers can be roughly narrowed down to three most popular containers currently in the market: the 20-ft, 40-ft and 10-ft shipping containers. All sport versatile modification options and applicability. Usually after they’ve functioned as carriers of global cargo, possibilities for their second life are limited only by how far people are willing to proceed with modifications to accommodate either immediate or long-term needs.

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