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5 Tips For Keeping Your Storage Container Secure

 Keeping A Storage Container Secure

It’s often the case that a storage container is used to keep seldom used but still valuable items, or important but not often required documents or other items. And let’s face it—it’s not a safe world out there. It’s important to secure your storage container against theft or vandalism. Here are 6 tips to provide extra security to your storage container and your belongings.

  1. Place Valuable Items in a Difficult Place to Reach

    If you are storing valuable items in your storage container, place them at the very back of the unit, behind all the things that you would not be too upset if they got stolen. If thieves break in, they are likely to just grab what’s at hand and run.

  2. Install Heavy Duty Padlocks

    Padlocks are simple to install and provide security at the basic level. The best ones are the “shutter” type padlocks. They make it a little harder to crack the lock.

  3. Equip the Storage Container with Lock Boxes

    Lock boxes are steel boxes, and that makes them tougher than padlocks. They are almost impenetrable. That banks use these is a proof of how safe they are. Plus, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

  4. Put in Crossbar Locks

    Crossbar locks prevent the operating handle from turning. Their design prevents access to the container even if the padlock is cut. Plus, they are easy to install, with no welding required.

  5. Install an Alarm System

    This type of security is well known for its effectiveness. However, traditional alarms systems need an electrical connection or on-site landline, so your storage container would have to be located near a building or a phone line. If your storage container is not in such a location, you could try the GSM container alarm—it features 24-hour wireless monitoring.

Secure containers are already rugged and secure multi-use units, but if your stored belongings are very valuable, you can request extra security to be added before your storage container is delivered to your chosen location. Our modification team is ready to provide consultation to make sure the storage container you want meets your security criteria.

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