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5 Types Of Businesses That May Want To Purchase A Shipping Container

Shipping Containers For Businesses

At Secure Containers, our shipping containers are available for sale in a wide range of sizes. From 10 feet, to 45 feet, we are here for your shipping needs! Traditionally, shipping containers are used to transport items by ocean or land. They are built to be durable, weather- and moisture-proof. Shipping containers are made of metal, and are able to withstand weight, making them stackable. Shipping containers are by far the most reliable way to keep large items, or a large volume of items, intact during shipping.

In addition to being used for shipping, many businesses use shipping containers for storage. Since they are secure and weatherproof, they’re a great place to keep excess items. Here are some businesses that may benefit from purchasing a shipping container!

  1. Retail Businesses

    Retail businesses often find themselves with excess inventory. If space is available onsite, shipping containers offer a secure storage option. Additionally, shipping containers may be used when transporting a large amount of inventory by land or sea.

  2. Automotive

    Cars and trucks can be safely shipped inside of shipping containers. Cars can be shipped internationally, to any destination, using a container. Containers are also ideal for shipping items such as auto parts, and personal belongings that are to be kept with the car.

  3. Agriculture Industry

    The agricultural industry comes with many large items that may need to be shipped, or stored. For instance, tractors and other machinery may need to be stored over the winter, or shipped across country or internationally. Additionally, shipping containers may be used to store supplies like grain, hay, and bedding for animals.

  4. Hospitality

    Many aspects of the hospitality industry are seasonal and/or special events-oriented. As such, there tends to be surplus equipment. If you have room on site, a shipping container provides a great storage option for items such as: patio furniture, speakers, music equipment, lighting, and any other items you may need to store.

  5. Construction

    Construction sites require many tools and equipment. A shipping container can be used to store equipment and supplies safely and securely overnight—which is definitely preferable to lugging everything back and forth.

At Secure Containers we offer high-quality shipping containers for sale. We carry every size of shipping container on the market, and offer next-day delivery in Toronto, Edmonton, and Montreal. If you only need a container for the short-term, we also offer rentals!

If you think you or your business could benefit from the use of a shipping container, contact us today for a free quote!

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