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6 Ways Sea Cans Are Used for Disaster Relief

In a disaster, you need all the help you can get. Regardless of the scale, many problems need to be solved. Solutions must be quickly implemented and need to be effective. 

6 ways sea cans are used for disaster relief

With every second counting, you must avoid making any mistakes. In an emergency, you need fast, versatile solutions for staying organized, safe, and protected. 

Sea cans, also known as shipping containers, are the perfect asset during a disaster. They are strong, waterproof, theft-resistant, and easily transported. They can store items and equipment and act as temporary offices, first aid rooms, and muster points. 

Shipping containers can even provide a temporary emergency shelter; of course, they can also ship and move essential items. For these reasons, they are incredibly versatile. 

Six Ways Sea Cans Are Used For Disaster Relief

1. Storing Items

Sea cans are, of course, an excellent way to store goods. They are designed to be resilient in harsh weather and environmental situations. They are waterproof, and because they are constructed out of steel, they are incredibly resistant to impact.

Depending on the nature of the disaster, there may be a great many homes and businesses that have been affected. Because of this, ensuring your goods are stored safely is of paramount importance. A sea can is an excellent way to ensure safety because they are rugged and resistant to break-ins.

Since they're exceptional places to store goods, a sea can is an effective distribution centre for necessary survival items such as clothing, blankets, water, and food. Furthermore, since they are so mobile, sea cans can be deployed anywhere they are needed. 

2. Offices

To deal with disasters, we need strong organization. The allocation of services, personnel, and funds is essential to the work that must be done. Since speed is of the essence, decision-makers need to be as close to the action as possible. 

Therefore, setting up a temporary office in a shipping container is a perfect solution. A sea can is easily moved to exactly where it is needed. Also, set up is incredibly easy because instead of constructing an outbuilding, you only need to place the sea can on level ground; no building a foundation is required.

Sea cans make excellent emergency offices because they are waterproof, rigid, and use space efficiently. Further, in a disaster with much debris, you can paint a sea can bright colours to be easily distinguishable as an important landmark.

3. Shipping

A sea can is an excellent asset during a disaster because of its ability to effectively ship essential items safely. We have already discussed how sea cans can withstand theft and are incredibly strong. You can stack them, store items, and move them around without considering whether they can withstand their treatment. 

Durability is paramount in a disaster because you need a way to ship necessary materials safely and effectively. You also need durable assets that you know you can rely on.

4. First-Aid Room

Depending on the nature of the disaster, injured people may need assistance. A sea can is a versatile asset that can transform into almost anything you need, including a first aid room. A sea can is the perfect place to store medical supplies and house areas for medical staff and injured people.

As discussed earlier, sea cans can be painted in a way that draws attention to their importance and communicates their purpose. If you buy a sea can and transform it into an emergency temporary first aid room, you can paint the outside to let everyone know what it is.

5. Break Room / Muster Points

Workers and volunteers helping in the aftermath of a disaster work very hard and long hours. They can be working in harsh conditions. To maintain their morale, strength, and sharpness, they will require breaks from work to rest and recover. 

A sea can is an excellent way to set up a practical station for rest and recovery quickly. Since they are waterproof, sea cans are perfect for workers and volunteers to break away from the elements.

Additionally, disaster workers and volunteers need to be organized. They need a designated place to receive information and rally if subsequent emergencies occur. Many construction sites already use sea cans as muster points because they are safe locations that can act as essential landmarks.

6. Emergency Shelter

Although they are not designed to be domiciles without modifications, people will frequently stay wherever necessary in a disaster to be safe and out of the elements. 

A sea can is capable of housing many people temporarily in an emergency. It can be set up with beds so that people have a safe place to sleep.


Sea cans are an incredibly versatile asset that can be used in many disaster situations. If you are preparing for a disaster, purchase a sea can in advance. Being proactive will ensure you have it when disaster strikes and you can change it to suit your needs.

Disasters are often unpredictable, and you may not have time to prepare. You may find you have an immediate need for a shipping container. To help with this, we rent shipping containers and rapidly deploy them wherever you need them.

For more information about buying or renting a sea can for disaster relief, call Secure Container Solutions at 647-560-2745 or visit us here to see our services.

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