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A Guide to Choosing the Right Shipping Container to Rent

Are you downsizing and have some extra furniture you need to store? Do you need a temporary mobile office? If you’re thinking of buying a shipping container, but you don’t need it permanently, then you can get a storage container for rent

A guide to choosing the right shipping container to rent

If you’re new to shopping around for a shipping container, renting one that meets your needs is essential—and you’re at the right place! 

At Secure Container Corporation, we’ve been in the shipping container business for 40 years, and we’ve matched the right shipping container with countless customers to accommodate their projects’ needs. 

In this guide, we will answer five of the most common questions on how to choose the right shipping container to rent. 

What is the purpose of renting a shipping container?

The majority of people who buy shipping containers need them for long-term projects. Others who rent a shipping container only require them for a short time, such as storing extra furniture during a home renovation project. 

However, not everyone needs them for a home renovation project. Here are several purposes for getting a storage container for rent

Moving Houses

If you’re moving to a new home still under construction and need to take up temporary housing, renting a shipping container is an excellent option for storing big furniture and belongings. 

When it’s time to move into your new home, your shipping container rental contract ends, and you remove your belongings from the container and move them into your new home.

Managing a Construction Site

Project managers working on construction sites often rent shipping containers during the duration of the project for storing equipment, tools, and supplies. 

Usually, construction projects go on for a few months, so once it’s over, it makes sense to give the container back to the rental company.

Storage for Businesses

Business owners in the retail sector usually keep overstock in storage due to seasonal purposes. 

Thus, they rent a shipping container to store their overstock, and when it’s time to put it on the shelves, they give back their short-term shipping container. 

Hosting an Event

Can’t afford a reception hall? Renting a large shipping container is a great solution when hosting an event such as a wedding, birthday, or concert. 

Since events are one-time, renting a shipping container is a cost-effective option that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Setting Up a Temporary Business or Office

Many businesses and offices have mobile locations set up in temporary locations. 

If you’re a business owner on a budget or only planning to be in business for a short time (such as with a pop-up store), renting a shipping container is an effective solution that won’t set back your bottom line. 

What are the common shipping container sizes? 

Typically, shipping containers come in three sizes: 10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet. Here is a breakdown of each size:

  • 10-foot containers: This is the smallest container you can rent. They resemble large square cubes and can fit several items such as some furniture, a mattress, and small appliances or equipment.   
  • 20-foot containers: By far, 20-foot containers are the most popular rentals for those who have many large furniture items such as sectional sofas, beds, tables, and large equipment.
    It’s spacious enough to hold contents from a two to three-bedroom house. 
  • 40-foot containers: The largest container is mainly used for events, businesses, and shipping container homes.
    They have plenty of space to store big furniture items and two-door compact cars. 

Should you rent a used or new shipping container? 

Before deciding to rent a shipping container, you have the option to rent a new or used one. 

Your choice depends on your situation, but here are some questions you should answer that will help you decide whether to rent a new or used container: 

  • What is the purpose of your container? A used shipping container will suffice if you only need it once for hosting an event. 
  • What is your budget? If you’re looking to save money and can’t go over your budget, renting a used shipping container is more cost-efficient than renting a new one.  
  • How long do you need it for? A used shipping container is a great solution if you need a temporary space for storage, event hosting or setting up a pop-up business. 

However, you need to estimate the time you need it. If it’s for a long-term project that will last a few months to a year, then a new shipping container might be a better option, as it will have less wear and tear.

How much do shipping containers cost to rent?

Depending on the size and condition of the shipping container, it can cost $200-$300 a month to rent a 20-foot container. If you go with a used container, it can cost slightly less than a new one. 

Keep in mind, though, that if you rent a new 40-foot container, it could cost up to $500 per month.

What physical details should you look for when renting a shipping container? 

If you decide you want to rent a used shipping container over a new one, you might pay less, but you should inspect the container for the following wear-and-tear details:

  • Doors: Be sure the doors open properly and close securely. If you struggle to open or close them, you should look at another shipping container with correctly functioning doors.
  • Locks: Once you test out the doors, try to lock and unlock the vertical rods at the top and bottom of the container and check the handles. 
  • Door gaskets: Inspect the exterior and interior gaskets on both sides of the door. It should create a watertight seal.
    Look closely between the bottom of the gasket and the door for any rust or corrosion in this area. If it’s rusted, that’s a sign of wear-and-tear and won’t be able to keep water out.
  • Roof: From the container’s interior, inspect the roof for any dings or dents.
    If you spot any, you should look at another container. As water from rainstorms will sit within such dents, it will eventually corrode the roof, leading to leaks. 

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