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Are Shipping Container Homes Sustainable?

Shipping containers can be reused in many different ways, including anything from a pop-up restaurant on the beach to temporary office space! One of the reasons they are so popular to reuse is that they are meant to last, which also makes them a great choice to build homes from.

Are shipping container homes sustainable?

If you’ve been following the shipping home container trend, and are wondering if shipping home containers are sustainable, then the answer is a resounding yes! These are some of the main reasons why shipping container homes are sustainable:

  • They cut down on the materials needed to build a home.
  • Shipping containers are durable.
  • They’re compact and energy-efficient.
  • They offer great options for natural insulation.

Fortunately, at Secure Container Solutions, we’re here to help if you want to buy a shipping container!

To learn more about how shipping container homes are sustainable, keep reading ahead.

Fewer Raw Materials Are Needed to Build a Shipping Container Home

When you buy shipping containers to build a home, you’re cutting down on the raw materials that are typically needed to build a home. For example:

  1. Instead of using new raw materials (such as lumber), you’re reusing an existing material: the shipping container!
  2. Since your shipping container comes ready-made, it doesn’t require materials such as wood or metal studs during the home-building process.
  3. Shipping containers can often be placed directly on a flat or compact surface, meaning no concrete is required to build a basement or a house foundation.

Choosing to build a home from a shipping container means you can help preserve natural resources.

Shipping Containers Are Durable

One of the reasons that shipping containers are so popular as a means to transport goods worldwide is that they are very durable. They are designed to last, meaning they’re less likely to require maintenance quickly when exposed to harsh elements, such as rainstorms or hail.

The longer a home lasts without needing maintenance, the more it helps cut down on both the labour (which can drive up pollution) and the raw materials needed to repair it over its lifetime.

Since shipping containers are corrosion-resistant, their walls or roofs may need to be replaced less often than a house with traditional building materials, such as brick and shingles.

Shipping Container Homes Are Compact and Energy-Efficient

A shipping container home can consist of simply one modified shipping container or several containers stacked on top of each other. Regardless of how a shipping container home is set up, there’s no wasted space, such as high ceilings.

This means that a shipping container home is compact and, thus, more energy-efficient than a traditional home. The less space you have to heat or cool, the lower your energy bills will be! In addition, since shipping containers are designed to be airtight, you have fewer concerns about leaks, which can also drive up your energy bills.

They Offer Great Options for Natural Insulation

Because a shipping container home is compact, it requires less insulation, thus saving the buyer money and cutting down on the raw materials needed to finish the house. One of the best options for insulating shipping container homes is straw bales. Straw bales often aren’t used for anything, meaning you can get them inexpensively and use eco-friendly insulation material.

Another natural option to insulate your shipping container home is to plant a garden on your roof. Since shipping containers are designed to be waterproof, they are an excellent option for a rooftop garden. Just add a liner, some soil and plants, and you’re all set!

How can Secure Container Solutions help me with buying a shipping container?

If you’re looking to buy a shipping container, then you’ve come to the right place: Secure Container Solutions! We’ve been in the shipping container business for years, and offer you all of the following when you purchase a shipping container from us:

  • Clean and well-maintained shipping units that have high-security lockboxes.
  • Shipping containers in several different sizes, including 10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot standard containers, as well as 40-foot and 45-foot high cubes (which are excellent for bulky items).
  • The option to modify your shipping container with features such as doors and windows. There are many other choices for modifying your shipping containers, such as turning them into storage lockers, pickup centres, offices, and vendor kiosks!
  • Peace of mind, knowing that whatever you choose to store in your shipping container—from inventory to records—will be protected from both the elements and thieves.

When you buy a shipping container from us, you can rest easy knowing you’re working with experienced professionals. Whether you want to know more about all the different ways a shipping container can be used or are ready to buy one and have it modified, we’re here for you at Secure Container Solutions!

Shipping Containers Offer Many Options for Reuse

With housing prices increasing and the number of raw materials decreasing, it’s no wonder that shipping containers are becoming a popular option for building homes. Shipping container homes offer a variety of great benefits, including everything from being durable to less expensive to heat than traditional homes.

However, reusing shipping containers isn’t limited to just building homes. With the proper modifications in place, shipping containers can be used as anything from a pop-up shop to a firefighting-training complex! At Secure Container Solutions, we can help you find the perfect shipping container to suit your needs and make any necessary modifications you’re interested in.

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