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Why More Businesses Are Using Ocean Containers

About 90 percent of consumer products, including electronics, clothes, and building materials, are shipped into the country via an ocean container. These hefty steel containers are incredibly sturdy and durable. They’re capable of withstanding the harsh marine environment while keeping their contents intact. 

Benefits of using ocean containers for business?

New steel boxes can be used for sea transport for about 15 years without any significant deterioration. But because there’re so many more imports than exports, many single-trip containers left at the port can be repurposed by other local businesses, large and small, to serve their own unique needs. 

The versatility, interoperability, and cost-effectiveness of ocean containers have made them an invaluable resource for modern businesses beyond the shipping and transport industry. The fact that shipping containers are standardized makes it easy to transport them by sea, rail, or road. 

Here are some of the reasons why shipping containers are great for business:

Ocean Containers Have Many Business Uses

Containers typically come in two sizes: 20-foot and 40-foot in length, with a standard width and height. Each size is suitable for specific applications. 

20-foot containers, for instance, are mostly used to transport heavy cargo such as construction materials and machinery. 40-foot containers are best suited for carrying bulky cargo such as furniture, steel pipes, and scrap. Beyond that, there are other types of specialized containers that are suitable for specific applications, including:

  • Dry storage containers
    These are the standard containers that have swing doors on one end. They don’t have any special features and can be used for transporting cargo.
  • ISO refrigerated containers (reefer containers)
    These are equipped with refrigeration systems for the cooled transportation of perishable and temperature-sensitive goods, such as pharmaceuticals and food.
  • Insulated containers
    These are fitted with insulation in their inner walls to protect cargo from extreme temperature variations but don’t require precise temperature control like for reefer containers.
  • Tunnel containers
    These have swing doors on both ends of the container for quick loading and unloading, especially when you need to make multiple stops to perform these functions.
  • Open top and flat rack containers
    These feature removable or collapsible top and side panels for easy transportation of oversized cargo such as construction materials and machinery 

Ocean shipping containers can be used for various business applications in transportation, construction, retail, and many more. That said, these variations are not as common as the standard dry storage containers. Still, many shipping container vendors provide customized modification services so your container can satisfy your unique needs. 

Ocean Containers Are Affordable Raw Material 

Innovations in container handling technology have contributed to the relatively low cost of shipping goods across the globe. The manufacture of containers is also fast and inexpensive, making them both accessible and affordable to shippers. 

And once they deliver goods to the country, the containers aren’t shipped back empty because it’s not economical. These containers can be repurposed at a low cost for businesses that require a portable, sturdy, and secure structure. 

Considering the large number of inexpensive ocean containers left at the ports, it’s only natural that other businesses found creative ways to use them for a wide variety of projects. These sturdy, versatile, and impenetrable steel boxes can be transformed into functional spaces that range from affordable housing to remote offices to trendy restaurants.

It’s Easy to Customize Ocean Containers  

You won’t find a structure that is as mobile and sturdy as a shipping container. Even when you’re not planning on moving your operations, keeping the shipping container on-site allows you to have convenient access to supplies or inventory when using it for storage. It could also be a regular location where your clients or customers can find your kiosk, restaurant, office, or other business.

Shipping containers can not only be modified by adding more doors and windows and insulation but also combined by stacking multiple units on top of each other or creatively placing them side by side to create a unique and eye-catching structure. Depending on your needs, the container can be uniquely modified for optimal convenience and accessibility.

Ocean Containers Are Secure 

Shipping containers have been used for decades to transport cargo because they’re safe and secure. The original design was applauded for its great lockability, making it easy to secure cargo and prevent theft in transit. As a result, there have been fewer thefts from ocean containers, which translates to fewer losses for businesses and consistently low prices for consumers.

Shipping containers are equipped with various locks options, including:

  • Lockboxes
    These are steel boxes attached to the door to conceal the lock and make it difficult for unauthorized access. The lockboxes can be welded or bolted on to container doors that don’t have them.
  • Heavy-duty container padlocks
    These U-shaped padlocks ensure tight security for the container.
  • Bar-style crossbar locks
    These clamp onto the container’s door-handle to prevent it from turning, even after cutting the padlock.
  • Recessed shackle locks
    These feature disc-shaped padlocks with the shackle concealed inside the lock housing for enhanced security.

Businesses can further enhance security by installing a cost-effective alarm system. 

Ocean Shipping Containers Are Smart Business

Though the shipping industry hasn’t made much progress towards reducing its carbon footprint, reusing shipping containers is one of the most significant innovations towards addressing the carbon challenge. 

Shipping containers are durable enough to last for decades, and they’re entirely reusable. A used container can be purchased, cleaned out, and transformed to meet the new owner’s needs. 

Ocean Containers for Your Business

If your business is looking for an economical storage solution or other need, then nearby ocean container dealers can help you find the right unit at a great price, whether it’s new or used. Moreover, they can modify the shipping container according to your specifications and deliver it to your site in only a few weeks, so it’s not a hassle for you. 

For more information on ocean containers and how they can be modified for your business needs, contact Secure Container Solutions.

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