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Can A Shipping Container Be Dismantled?

Shipping containers provide an insulated and safe way to send goods overseas such as food products and materials. With their sound construction and structural integrity, shipping containers can last for decades if they are properly cared for. But, if you are looking to repurpose an old container, or scrap it for parts, they can also be dismantled. +

Can A Shipping Container Be Dismantled?

What Are The Parts Of A Shipping Container?

The giant steel box that was used to house goods and cargo on long journeys overseas can be taken apart. Each part of the container serves a specific purpose and the moment you remove one facet, the container loses its functionality. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dismantle it so you can use the container for other purposes or use the materials on their own.

There are six parts that make up a shipping container:

  1. Floor
  2. Corner posts
  3. Side walls
  4. Roof
  5. Cross members
  6. Horizontal support rails

Usually plywood is used for the floor because it will not warp when exposed to moisture and the wet environment of ocean travel. The rest of the container is made of strong steel and metal materials. Each part plays a role in how the container handles weight.

A container must also remain flexible to deal with the loading and unloading process. This process is done by crane because the containers need to be moved from boat to land or rail quickly and carefully, to ensure that the goods inside are delivered on time and without damage. Although, if you were to accidentally drop a shipping container, they are tough and will not break.

Do I Have To Dismantle My Container To Repair It?

You do not have to dismantle your container to repair it. Depending on how much maintenance is required, you can dismantle it but it’s not necessary.

What Can I Do With My Container Once It’s Dismantled?

Shipping containers are easy to modify whether they are dismantled or not. You can turn any container into whatever you need it for. Many people convert their containers to storage units or mobile offices. You can also create a workshop or lab, pop-up shop or kiosk, and even convert your shipping container into liveable housing like a cottage or rental property.

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