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Everything You Need To Know About Sea Container Dimensions

Sea containers are shipping containers that are designed for the high seas. This type of container can stand up to all the elements, such as nautical winds, heavy water spray and whatever else nature throws its way.

Sea Container Dimensions


Sea containers are made specifically for ocean travel. This means that there are international standards in place that all container manufacturers must adhere to, to ensure that their construction is sound. The most popular type of international sea containers sizes are 20ft and 40ft.

Besides the dimensions, the structure of the container is important. Sea containers are designed to carry cargo across an ocean but first they must be loaded onto a ship. Containers must be structurally sound so that they can be vertically lifted by crane on and off the ship. The main points of strength in a sea container are the corner posts and floor because this is what holds up the entire structure.

Any sea container that has undergone structural alterations to the corner posts or floor is not one you want to use for ocean transport. Modifications to the floor and corner posts should only be done once you’ve decided that the container shouldn’t be used for transporting cargo overseas anymore.

What To Look For In A Sea Container

When choosing a sea container to rent or own, look for features like security lockboxes and working doors. Furthermore, sea containers must be ISO-certified, windproof, watertight and clean when you purchase or rent them. Also, make sure that the container you use is suitable for what you are transporting. For example, ensure that your sea container can be heated or insulated if you are shipping food products.

Can You Reuse A Sea Container?

Once you’ve gotten use out of our sea container what do you do with it? If you’ve rented the container, you return it. However, if you’ve bought it, you want to ensure you get the most out it. You can reuse a sea container and turn it into whatever you want. Once it’s been cleaned (this is very important, especially if your sea container was used to transport food products) you can convert it as you see fit. For example, sea containers can be turned into mobile offices, on- and off-site storage facilities, pop-up retail stores and even liveable spaces. Yes, you can turn your old sea container into a home away from home by upgrading it to include indoor plumbing.

Sea containers are designed to last for decades, especially if you maintain them. Whether you are looking for a 20ft model or one that is 40ft, please contact Secure Container. We have sea containers available for purchase or rental.

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