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Four Best Exterior Finishes For Your Shipping Container

Shipping containers provide everything from temporary storage to mobile offices to liveable spaces. When you purchase a container you can modify it as you wish. This will involve adding an exterior finish to help keep the container in great shape. Even if you have purchased a new container, adding an exterior finish will aid in extending its lifespan. Containers are designed to last 10-20 years because of the durable materials they’re made of, however, adding an exterior finish will also give your container a more personalized look.

Best Exterior Finishes For Your Shipping Container

You can finish your shipping container with the same materials you would use on your home. The following four are the best exterior finishes for you can choose from:

  1. Modern
    For a modern appearance, you can use steel as a finish. By using steel siding, you are mimicking the look of many commercial buildings. You can also use vinyl and metal siding to get the same effect.

  2. Rustic
    For a rustic look, wood cladding can provide a cabin-like feel to your shipping container. If you are using the container as a cottage or home-away-from-home, this may prove to be the perfect solution. Log siding will give you the same type of look as wood cladding. Pine and cedar are perfect woods for this type of finish too. Bamboo is another type of finish that can contribute to a rustic feel.

  3. Lap and smart siding
    For those who want a modern look but don’t want their container to have a glossy steel look, try lap or smart siding. This type of siding is made of engineered wood and coated to give it more durability.

  4. Combination
    You can use a combination of all the above finishes to create the look your want for your container.

Finishing tips:

  • If possible look for environmentally-friendly finishes because they’re not only great for the planet but won’t harm you while you’re adding it to the container.

  • You can add stucco to the exterior of your container after applying finishing. Keep in mind that stucco may not be suitable for all climates.

  • Spray foam is a type of insulation that can be used on the interior and exterior of your shipping container. You can apply it before you add your finish to ensure maximum insulation. This is especially helpful if you live in a cold climate.

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